Faubion Associates Inc.

Throughout its manufacturing process, Faubion Associates Inc. says it operates with the goal of exceeding its customers’ expectations. Based in Dallas, the firm specializes in architectural millwork and custom fixtures. “We use the finest in materials, competitive pricing and premium quality workmanship to create solutions that conform to [the] specified design intent,” Faubion Associates declares. “We take pride in keeping our manufacturing simple, on-budget and on-time.”

Over the years, the company has grown from modest beginnings. “When Faubion Associates Inc. began operations in July 1978, Leo Faubion was working with four employees and a single customer in a space no larger than a garage,” it states.

“While we still service our original customer, we have grown into an in­ternationally recognized architectural millwork and custom fixture manufacturing company with annual sales that exceed $40 million,” Faubion Associates continues. “As president and CEO, Leo [Faubion] is the sole stockholder, and he is accessible to all of our customers on a daily basis.”

Faubion Associates says it also is a fully integrated firm with extensive capacity. “Our main facility is located on 29 acres and in nine separate buil­dings comprising 300,000 square feet,” it states. “We recently purc­hased an ad­ditional facility, three miles from our main facility, comprised of 105,000 square feet in two additional, adjacent buildings.”

Faubion’s Approach

Faubion Associates says its inte­gration includes self-contained pro­duction departments, such as its Architectural Millwork Department. The department manufactures and installs custom production millwork for owners, developers, construction managers and general contractors.

“Our fully integrated departments use state-of-the-art computer-driven equipment, providing a diversity of capabilities that enable our millwork department to create on-time, on-budget customized solutions,” the company states.

“Faubion’s approach focuses on the customer’s requirements for providing quality products on-time, every time, at an affordable price,” it continues. “We provide shop drawings for every product we manufacture, ensuring that it meets or ex­ceeds our customers’ expectations. Our experienced engineering staff and project managers provide in­formed advice during the manufacturing process and offer comprehensive after-sale support.”

Faubion Associates says its Retail Fixture Department also has earned recognition for providing fixtures to retail chains worldwide. “We provide top-quality fixtures for department stores, specialty retailers and boutiques,” the company says. “We work with architects and designers in order to develop their creative concepts by providing practical solutions during the development phase.

“Whether [our client’s] project is new store construction, remodel or rollouts, we bring cost reduction through the newest manufacturing tec­hnologies,” the company adds. “We emphasize integrity in maintaining brand consistency and its impact on the visual and operations segments of an organization. Our customers have been able to leverage these capabilities to increase their com­petitiveness while maintaining their brand initiatives.”

Revolutionizing Security

Faubion Associates also manufactures security products. According to the company, it entered this field when it began manufacturing a pat­en­ted disappearing showcase in 2000. “Since then, we have delivered over 30,000 security showcases to customers in the jewelry industry,” it says. “We are presently manufacturing an average of 5,000 cases annually.

“It is our desire to produce a product that is custom in nature and built to the specification of each customer,” the firm adds. “We look forward to working [with the client] on a product that will provide a comfort level that will allow [them] to leave jewelry in the cases at closing. This feature maintains a high level of security, and it is revolutionizing security within the jewelry industry.”