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Based in Emsdetten, Germany, Fey & Co Guter Schlaf is a third-generation family business with over nine decades of industry experience in mattresses and sleep systems

Taking its name from the German for ‘Good Sleep’, Fey & Co Guter Schlaf was founded in 1926 and has grown into a leading supplier of box-spring beds with a further speciality in the production of mattresses, slatted frames and neck support pillows. During its 90-year history Fey & Co has grown to employ around 600 members of staff across three sites. In addition to its original plant in Germany, the company has maintained a manufacturing presence in Poland for 20 years, and in Belarus for ten years as of 2016. This has given the business a wide-reaching base of manufacturing skill and experience that enables it to meet and exceed the requirements of its clients for all budgets.

“We currently produce at two levels,” explains Business Development Manager, Maik Steppat. “We provide private label products for various independent clients as well as our own branded Fey Guter Schlaf label. This enables us to remain in touch with clients at low, medium and high price points. Our long-term experience with the demand of different market levels has allowed us to become a leader in the field with several innovative products. Within Germany there is continued strong demand for our range of BoxSpringBeds, which is an innovative design that is double filled with pocket springs within the box as well as in the mattresses for better comfort and durability.”

Further to its BoxSpringBeds line of products, Fey & Co also manufactures its popular Bodyscan range. Bodyscan is designed to ensure a healthy and restful night’s sleep that adapts to the sleeping methods of the individual. The line provides a system that addresses all of the factors that have an influence on a restful sleep, including physical factors such as size, weight and stature. Personal preferences such as sleeping, lying habits, temperature and pressure sensitivity are also taken into consideration. The concept of Bodyscan is built on the fact that each person is unique with individual requirements for a restful night of sleep. By taking into account personal data and requirements, Bodyscan is able to calculate a customised ‘deck system’ that addresses the individual needs of the client. The final system consists of a mattress, base frames, neck support pillows and duvet.

In addition to providing a restful night of sleep, the Bodyscan system also promotes good health by ensuring good back posture while sleeping. Fey & Co understands that we spend almost one third of our lives lying down and that the right sleep system can help to prevent back pain or to even alleviate the problem. The spine is the key to achieving the correct position while lying in bed. It is important to largely retain a natural shape while lying on the back or side.

This can be afforded through the use of a mattress that is adjusted along with a mesh base to meet the physical circumstances of the individual. The Bodyscan system supports the individual by gradually adapting to the natural curve of the spine.

Bodyscan employs a measuring column that is equipped with two sensor arms, which move up and down the side of the unit. The measuring process uses infrared light to measure the contours of the client’s body without the need for any physical contact. Three scans in different postures produce relevant body measurements such as height, shoulder, pelvis and waist width, as well as the shape of the spine. These measurements are supplemented by information obtained through consultation relating to the client’s preferred sleeping position, mattress hardness and warmth requirements. All of the collected information is stored and processed to determine the best fitting Bodyscan system across all components. “Sleeping systems like Bodyscan represent revolutionary products, which we are able to sell around the world. Whether it is through a spring or foam mattress, we are always able to meet the individual tastes of the public,” Maik says. “Increasingly the colour and haptic qualities of the product is the focus of customers, which makes the bed an item of status and furniture, as well as a place to rest.”

Continued innovation and product development are important factors in the on-growing growth of Fey & Co. During 2016 the company will market its new FEYONIC line at events such as the Cologne Furniture show before finally releasing the product during Q1 2017. FEYONIC mattresses are very breathable sleep systems that are designed in accordance to the principle of bionics and modelled on nature. The breathability of this new line is significantly higher than that of a conventional mattress, meaning that a natural form of ventilation is achieved when the sleeper turns at night.

Fey & Co. currently sells in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Belarus and Russia and has recently also begun to export to France, Italy and the Middle East. Additionally, the company’s first containers left for Singapore and Beijing during 2016 filled with Bodyscan products. With its presence increasing around the world, Fey & Co. is a leading name in sleep systems that is distinct from anything else on the market. “With skilled sales representatives we are in direct contact with our clients. We are continually scouting the various trends around the world and never miss an opportunity to meet customer demand and introduce trend-setting products,” Maik concludes. “Through several years of design experience, we understand the tastes of the public within Germany and beyond and are able to offer products that offer real advantages when compared to the competition.”

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