Frigoglass: Global Solutions in ICMs and Glass Packaging for the Beverage Industry

Frigoglass provides world-leading solutions

Frigoglass is a Hellenic-based global corporation, specialising in the design, manufacturing and marketing of Ice-Cold Merchandisers (ICMs) and the production of glass containers, targeting primarily the beverage industry.

With production facilities on four continents, in ten countries and customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, the company has achieved a reputation for customer service, which is unparalleled in its field. Following a long-term strategy in developing a wide and varied range of ICM solutions that meet the needs of its customers across different market segments, Frigoglass has established a leading position in the global market as well as a growing customer base.

Frigoglass believes its finest asset is its workforce – a diverse, multicultural and dedicated team of employees who work together across borders, time zones and continents, sharing the same passion to succeed. Through hard work they have not only laid the foundation for the company’s expansion but steadily continue to pave the way for Frigoglass’ sustainable organic growth. Contributing their skills, experience, enthusiasm and determination, they ensure that past accomplishments become the springboard for future achievements.

In order to maintain its market leadership and competitive advantage, the company invests heavily in R&D. The dedicated R&D department is responsible for translating ideas into successful products, through thorough analysis and advanced engineering. Frigoglass has established R&D centres at key production locations including Greece, India, South Africa and China. In addition to this, test laboratories covering both central and local needs, as well as specific customers’ requirements, are located in Greece, Romania, mRussia, South Africa, Indonesia, India and China.

Frigoglass’ hard work in the research and development department was recognised recently when the company received the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard award for its significant investments in research and development, which lead to innovative products and services. The EU Industrial R&D Scoreboard is published annually and provides information on the top 1000 EU companies and top 1000 non-EU countries, which invest the most in R&D. The Scoreboard comprises of R&D, economic and financial data of the last four financial years.

Through extensive work in R&D, Frigoglass continually develops products, which meet the changing needs of its customers. As a result, at the end of December 2006, Frigoglass launched a new product in the Retro line. The Mini-Retro is a premium counter-top unit that follows Retro’s success by offering unique and premium aesthetics, elegant shape and excellent product and brand visibility. The new Ice Cold Merchandiser, a Coca-Cola proprietary model, is the right tool for penetrating the exclusive HoReCa channel as it meets all the specific requirements in terms of premium aesthetics and differentiation. At the same time its shape refers instantly to the Coca-Cola brand, therefore enhancing brand presence and awareness in the HoReCa channel.

Earlier in 2006 the company also launched three new other ICM’s – the Frostwell 500, the Easyreach and the Piccolo. The Frostwell 500 has been developed according to the new Subzero concept created primarily for the brewery sector and according to which ICMs maintain beer at subzero temperatures. Key Frigoglass customers such as Heineken have already embraced the Subzero concept and are using the Frostwell 500 as a tool for attracting younger target groups and increasing sales. The Easyreach, a successful open front unit, is now available with differentiated aesthetics for various key customers. The Piccolo, on the other hand, is a compact countertop ICM available to customers in the brewery, alcopop and energy drink sectors, leading to customer growth in the bar and café trades.

In addition to R&D and product development, the company has recently invested in its production facility in Romania. By modifying and renewing the production lines, Frigoglass Romania has doubled its capacity and has witnessed a considerable increase in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Finally, Frigoglass has also invested in a new plant in China. The facility, which has a capacity equivalent to 120,000 units per annum, is located in the Guangzhou Economic and Trade Development District (GETDD), and represents the districts’ first Greek wholly-owned foreign enterprise. The new facility is a significant step for Frigoglass and is consistent with its long-term growth strategy. China is a high-potential economy, with relatively low beverage consumption per capita and ICM penetration rates. Frigoglass is well positioned to provide bespoke solutions for this unique market. Its tailor-made ICM solutions have been developed aiming to upgrade market aesthetics and provide cold-drink availability through innovative platforms whilst facilitating easy branding and flexible merchandising. Energy efficiency and cost optimisation were also key design considerations. In addition, the company has begun to provide merchandising training and field support through a service network with growing coverage.

Through strong brand support and innovative marketing programmes, Frigoglass is committed to maintaining its leadership position in every market it does business in. By responding quickly and effectively to evolving customer requirements, the company has continually offered its clients the right product for every need. With a strong future ahead, Frigoglass intends to continue its organic as well inorganic growth to keep developing new solutions that exceed its customers’ expectations.


Products: Ice-cold merchandisers
Sites: Greece and worldwide
Employees: 4400