From elegant taps to towel rails, uncover Vado’s hidden gems 

With over 34 years of experience in engineering taps and showers, Vado Ltd is a prominent presence in the bathroom subsegment. By channeling its focus and expertise on brassware, the company leads the way with innovation whilst ensuring exceptional quality remains at the core of its products. Vado has established an enviable reputation within the brassware industry, supplying taps and showers to prestigious homes, hotels, historic landmarks, and even luxury yachts. Renowned for providing the ultimate, most indulgent user experience, Vado proudly works in partnership with top independent UK retailers to represent its brand.  

Andy Baines, Managing Director, provides a brief introduction to the business. “Vado is a design-led bathroom company which has been selling taps and showers for over three decades to specialist bathroom retailers, major housebuilders, as well as selected export markets. Originally based in Cheddar, Somerset, we have successfully expanded to three warehouses and added two more spaces in Glastonbury,” he begins. 

Over the years, Vado has diversified its offering, thus securing its place within the wider bathroom sector. Andy describes Vado’s current product line-up. “We offer a comprehensive range of taps, showers, and accessories under the Vado brand, serving the mid-to-high price point. Meanwhile, our luxury sub-brands, Individual, Booth and Co, as well as Axces, cater to varying, generally lower price points, thereby ensuring accessibility for all. The exciting news is that Vado has transitioned from being a mere brassware business to a comprehensive bathroom solutions provider. This occurred following the launch of new products encompassing bathroom furniture, illuminated mirrors, flush and toilet systems, basins, and heated towel rails, all fully coordinated in terms of design forms and finishes for a cohesive bathroom experience. Notably, Zone, one of our flagship products, is a unique shower valve, distinguished by its beautifully engineered push buttons. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the wall, this product combines elegance, safety, and ease of cleaning and of use. Zone exemplifies the level of craftsmanship that sets us apart from our competitors and is entirely designed and engineered in-house,” he informs. 

Perfect balance 2 Outlet concealed thermostatic shower valve, with push button control in a high shine polished Chrome

Delving deeper into Vado’s unique place in the industry, Andy explains what truly makes the company stand out from its competitors. “I believe that Vado’s core values embody our competitive edge. We manage to strike the perfect balance: Vado is big enough to take decisive action, yet small enough to care. Indeed, whether it’s following up on deliveries or providing exceptional aftersales support on the rare occasions where things do go wrong, we ensure things are set right. While we may not boast the size or sheer recognition of other brands, our expertise in the bathroom industry is unrivalled. From architects and designers to skilled plumbers and installers, as well as our valued network of retailers, distributors, and housebuilders, all would vouch for Vado and enjoy enduring relationships with us,” he enlightens. 

Moving forward, Andy discusses Vado’s decision to open a new distribution center in Bridgewater. “The initial motivation behind this project was two-fold. First and foremost, the consolidation of our operations from five different warehouses into one larger facility was driven by a desire to streamline our processes. In doing so, we aimed to minimize non-value-added activities and enhance overall efficiency, thereby empowering us to deliver improved services to our customers. Secondly, our strategic growth trajectory, anchored by our core brassware offerings and supplemented by an expanding array of bathroom ranges, required more manufacturing space. Therefore, we see the new distribution center as an enabler for future growth as it provides us with the necessary infrastructure to accommodate our evolving product portfolio,” he continues. 

Sustainable journey 

Throughout its operations, Vado has implemented various sustainable practices, which Andy tells us more about. “Although Vado engages in manufacturing and assembly, we also work with a global supply chain. We take pride in our partnerships with suppliers who prioritize sustainability, whether through ever-increasing amounts of power from sustainable sources, brass recycling, or even the reuse of the sand utilized in casting processes. Our commitment to sustainability also extends to product design, where we focus on creating products with lower carbon footprints, such as our Cameo line, which boasts a 25 percent reduction compared to its predecessor. Moreover, last year saw the completion of the transition of our company cars to full electric or hybrid models where more practical. Like many businesses, we are on a journey towards being more eco-friendly, but we see no conflict between sustainability and business success. On the contrary, as our customers increasingly ask for stories that demonstrate our progress on our sustainability trajectory, which mirrors their own aspirations,” he elaborates. 

Looking ahead, Andy shares his predictions for Vado’s long-term future. “In contrast to the challenges of the past year and a half, the market appears to be improving, which should bolster our growth plans. As we navigate this evolving landscape, we will retain the reliability and level of service we are known for, but through innovation, we will further broaden our bathroom portfolio to meet the needs of our customers. By leveraging economies of scale and operational efficiencies, Vado will be headed towards even greater heights, thus establishing itself as a key bathroom brand,” he ends. 

By focusing on quality, innovation and sustainability, Vado is well-equipped for continued prosperity.