From exceptional new designs to core company values, Viewrail reveals how its stepping up for success in 2024 

It’s been over a year since we sat down with leading stair and railing manufacturer, Viewrail. In that time, the company has developed sleek new designs and completed some of its most stunning stairways to date. As Chief Executive Officer, Len Morris, begins: “2023 was a year of steady growth for us. Over the past 12 months, we’ve been able to make more intelligent, strategic decisions about the future of our business. Now that the pandemic has been and gone, we have been able to adopt a long-term outlook.” 

Dedicated to ensuring that its range of floating stairs, cable railings, glass railings and stair treads continue to meet the needs of customers and reflect current interior trends, Viewrail works hard on its product development. Len gives details about the introduction of an innovative stair system and exciting new designs. “We have a new system in place that came to us through an acquisition we made in California. It’s called Flight Duo. It’s a very, very clean and minimalistic design that is about as simple, smooth and satisfying as can be. It’s very popular in California.  

“We used the new system on one project where the house was stacked from the basement to the upper level in a U-shape. It was stunning, and a big challenge for us. We extended our work over a longer period to ensure we got it completely right. The house, in the end, was worth around $20 million and our work became a big centerpiece for the build. It turned out really well – I’d say we are all quite proud. 

“Additionally, Viewrail is going to be showcasing at the 2024 International Builder Show. During the showcase, we will be shining a light on our new parapet style: a thin wall, curved stairway system. It’s a stunning look. Viewrail is venturing a lot more into curved spaces in the coming year. We’re really looking forward to showing our experience and excellence there. Our designs are becoming softer, moving away from angular shapes and into more contemporary, smooth-edged aesthetics. We had a lot of demand from customers wanting to introduce some curves, and now we’re looking forward to showing them off,” Len enthuses.  

Strong relationships 

Creative and contemporary concepts come from the very heart of Viewrail. Maintaining a culture of mutual respect throughout the business has helped it continue to thrive, as Len details: “We have three core company values. The first is eternal; the second is responsive; the third is flourishing. We want every person within the business to feel valued. We are very conscious of our employees’ well-being and listen carefully to their thoughts and feelings. That consideration extends to our suppliers, industry partners, and of course customers. We want everyone who touches our brand to flourish. 

“What does that look like in practice? I know the name of every person that I encounter at the company. My goal is to be in a manufacturing building at least once every single working day. Additionally, I meet with customers every week. This helps me stay grounded and in touch with the day-to-day running of the business. I can remain close to both our staff and customers that way. 

“The company ethos also extends to suppliers. We take a rather unique approach when it comes to building strong relationships with our supply chain. Viewrail holds a vendor summit every year, where we invite all our partners to come along and network with ourselves and each other. We spend a full day with them; they get fed, we give them a tour of our facilities, and we share our values. We also update them on any new products that we have coming up, so they can be thinking about what supplies we might need going forward. Our vendors know more than we do about what materials work best in different types of homes, they can also help us choose the right tools and software, which makes them an important part of the business.”  

Dream team 

Having built a long and prosperous career with Viewrail, Len ensures the same opportunities for young people starting out in the industry. “We hire a lot of people who are fresh out of college. It’s nice to see those lightbulb moments happen as people get to grips with the work we do. Teaching people about design, manufacturing, logistics, everything that goes into Viewrail, and then seeing them put the pieces together is really rewarding. I’ve had people come to me and express excitement at how much potential there is with this kind of work. We can do more than we thought possible, and it’s nice to be reminded of that,” he reveals.  

Following a period of exceptional challenges across the industry, Len and his team are now looking forward to stepping into a brand-new year. As he concludes: “We have five new stairway systems planned for 2024, and three of those five are still in the research and design stages. Only two are fully developed. So, we will be working hard to get the rest of our designs finished, refined and uploaded into the system ready for manufacturing. In addition, we have a network of around 600 installers across the country. We want to deploy that entire network of installers as on-site consultants. The aim is to have everyone within the business become an expert in our product portfolio, so that we can send them out into people’s homes and help them realize their dreams.”