GEM GRAVURE has been providing the best printing technology and fluids for marking and coding for more than 60 years. Back in 1952, Joseph Gemelli noticed a burgeoning trend in industrial manufacturing that involved marking wire and cable with an identification system. Responding to the needs of the industry, he designed a process for gravure marking wheels that would soon be patented. This was the predecessor to all forms or marking and coding available today.

Thirty years after the invention of gravure wheels, continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology was introduced as an alternative solution and GEM GRAVURE knew this would be the future of marking and coding. GEM GRAVURE brought continuous inkjet (CIJ) to its core customers, wire and cable, where it soon became the industry standard.

Anticipating the needs of the customers, GEM GRAVURE decided to complement the technology by developing different inks that work with different substrates, unique environments and challenging applications.

GEM GRAVURE added a second location to keep up with continued demand. The research and development center was established in Springfield, Mo., where the addition of chemists to the staff lead to creation of pigmented and dye-based inks specifically for inkjet and wheel printing technologies. The location has full laboratory facilities as well as back up manufacturing theaters.

Today, ink development has become a mainstay of GEM GRAVURE’s business, boasting several colors and unique formulations that work in even the toughest of applications. GEM GRAVURE also offers a low and reduced VOC line of inks for customers with emission concerns.

The Printer
In 2008, GEM GRAVURE became the exclusive North American representative for Koenig & Bauer, a German-based engineering company producing the fastest, most efficient industrial inkjet printers on the market. This partnership allowed GEM GRAVURE to step outside of wire and cable and into other manufacturing processes.

With more than 30 years of experience in the toughest printing application, GEM GRAVURE has been able to bring that expertise to new customers. Today, GEM GRAVURE serves customers from all industries: craft beer, plastics, pharmaceutical, automotive, packaging, optical fiber, metal fabricators, fast moving consumer goods and more.

The Commitment
GEM GRAVURE is dedicated to providing the highest quality marking and coding equipment. All of our industrial printers are backed by our team of technical service experts, which led to the opening of our third location in Santee, Calif., run by our projects and applications manager.

GEM GRAVURE is committed to serving all customers with solutions for their product identification needs. No matter the code, no matter the product, GEM GRAVURE can offer the right technology and the right ink. GEM GRAVURE has a staff waiting to working with you to create product combinations that will make your coding life easier.

GEM GRAVURE offers different models of inkjet printers in addition to a wide range of inkjet inks, tailored for marking different surfaces. We can match an ink to your marking needs or create one for you. Make sure it’s the right ink. Make sure it’s the best ink. Make sure it’s GEM GRAVURE ink.

Visit us on the web to learn more, or come to Pack Expo and talk to a marking and coding specialist to see how GEM GRAVURE can help your brand stand out. We’ll be at Booth S-4239 in McCormick’s Place South Hall performing live print demonstrations! You can also call us directly at 781-878-0456 where someone always answers the phone!