Hands to the pump at Gilbarco

In today’s petrol forecourt environment, just dispensing fuel isn’t enough.

That’s why Gilbarco continues to redefine this market. The company’s fuel dispensing technology also incorporates a wide array of value-added features and promotional aids that keep customers coming back.

But this is more than just the newest technology – it’s the right technology to make clients’ forecourts work harder and deliver higher margins, increased loyalty, and smoother operation, today and in the years to come.

Established over 100 years ago as Tankanlagen Salzkotten, Gilbarco GmbH & Co. KG is now one of the leading European based suppliers of innovative petrol dispensers and dispenser products. Having joined forces with the Gilbarco organisation in 1998, the business currently has more than 300 employees, dedicated to research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.

Today, the company is a significant part of the European enterprises of Gilbarco Veeder-Root. This group of companies was created in 2002 when Gilbarco and Veeder-Root were combined into one marketing brand, incorporating complementary businesses, and the strength of three of the most powerful brands in retailing and fuel management technologies.

Gilbarco is a leading global supplier of fuel dispensing equipment and fully integrated point of sale systems for global petroleum customers, whilst Veeder-Root is a market leading manufacturer of automatic tank gauging and fuel management systems. Combined the two companies boast around 400 years experience and knowledge.

Looking at Gilbarco’s extensive product offering in more detail, solutions includes retail and commercial fueling systems; attended and unattended POS systems; and integrated systems for retail automation and management, remote diagnostics, inventory control, and total site service.

Gilbarco also provides customers with several unique pay-at-the-pump and merchandising options, including contact-less payment, credit/debit card readers, cash acceptors, RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies, barcode readers, monochrome and color merchandising screens.

The company is recognised for its technological innovation including Encore fuel dispensers and Passport POS. Gilbarco POS systems are installed at over 40,000 sites, with fuel dispensers operating at over 125,000 sites, and 250,000 CRIND card reader payment points currently in use world-wide.

Among Gilbarco’s customers are major oil companies, large truck fleets, car rental companies, airports, package delivery companies, federal, state, and local government agencies, public utilities, commercial and industrial enterprises, thousands of retail fueling chains and hundreds of thousands of individual sites.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root equipment and systems process and track millions of payment and fuel transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thousands of sites use Gilbarco fueling and POS equipment around the world along with Red Jacket submersible pumps, and Veeder-Root sophisticated gauging technologies monitor nearly half a million underground storage tanks in the US alone.

As with virtually all companies, new product development is a critical area for Gilbarco going forward. R&D for the organisation is predominantly carried out in the centres of excellence around the world, such as in Germany where around 20 engineers design new pumping products. These kinds of resources spread across the world ensure that Gilbarco continues to be recognised for its technological innovation including its latest Encore and Eclipse fuel dispensers.

Offering superior design and durability, advanced security and payment options, and unmatched environmental protection, the SK700-2 Dispenser is one of Gilbarco’s most widely recognised products in Europe.

But even established solutions like this can be developed and improved by Gilbarco’s R&D teams. A Gilbarco dispenser with a colour screen is theultimate pipeline to build loyalty and take customers’ marketing messages to the forecourt. It unlocks the potential of the most powerful, most expandable, and most user-friendly platform on the market today. It works with all major POS systems without modification, and its field-tested, expandable design offers lasting value.

Another example of this focus on innovation has come over the last decade or so with Gilbarco’s work at the forefront of the alternative motor fuels market. Since 1995, the company has supported the quest for more environmentally friendly options with products for a wide range of fuel offerings, including Ethanol, Biodiesel, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and Adblue.

As a result, Gilbarco’s Flexible Fuel dispensers are designed to exceed pending safety and environmental standards while providing the reliability and conformity demanded by today’s customers.

For example, Gilbarco’s flagship dispenser in Europe, the SK700-2 hosts payment terminals and multimedia features to speed product selection, payment, and site throughput. The SK700-2 dispenser is also available for E-85 and Biodiesel applications, with its familiar customer interface and dependability.

These kinds of product developments together with the significant recent investments in manufacturing plant, processes and systems, will underpin Gilbarco’s success going forward.

The Salzkotten, Germany manufacturing and R&D centre, which was recently highlighted worldwide as a showcase improved plant by the parent company Danaher will play a key part in this. With significant growth anticipated in this market throughout 2008, Gilbarco GmbH will remain committed to the research, design, production and support of high-technology solutions for the petroleum and adjacent retail industries of the future.


Products: Petrol dispensers
Sites: Salzkotten, Germany
Employees: 300 in Germany