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Expert manufacturer of welded metal tubing, G&L Tube, continues to outperform its competition with high rates of critical applicability and customer satisfaction

For nearly 40 years, G&L Tube (G&L), an O’Neal Industries Company, has been manufacturing high-performance, quality tubing with expert precision. The company consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations by investing in the future of its people and suppliers, developing a world-class team of professionals with a range of capabilities. With core values that include integrity, safety, diversity, social responsibility, and continuous improvement, G&L Tube continues to improve, grow and succeed.

Robert Gilreath and Art Lewis founded G&L Tube in 1982, driven by a desire to overcome engineering challenges with reliable, customizable solutions. “Mr. Gilreath worked for a heating element company prior to starting G&L, and brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. He was passionate about always doing better, and this meant he was successful in designing and building his own specialized tubing mills from the ground up.

“The company started with one custom tube mill and has grown from there. Mike Adams, our Technical Director, helped with the design and build of these mills. He continues to work with us today, to ensure we never lose sight of the importance of building a quality product,” says Eric Roetcisoender, President of G&L.

“G&L was acquired by Philip Jones, Rob Adams, and John Salyards in 2005. This started a tremendous growth phase that resulted in acquiring the assets of Chicago-based company, Scientific Tube, Denver-based Mercury Tube, and additionally the purchase of new cutting equipment to support increasing customer demand. In 2019 G&L was acquired by O’Neal Industries (ONI), the largest family metal distribution, and tube and component manufacturer in the US. Being a part of the O’Neal family of companies has brought a lot to the table for G&L, including financial security, collaboration opportunities with our sister companies, and ONI’s seasoned leadership team.

“This year marks our 40-year anniversary, and we are very proud of our rich history as we look ahead,” discusses Eric.

New partner
Today, G&L is well positioned for a bright and stable future. The company provides solutions for customers across a variety of industries, including automotive, HVAC engineering and heating elements. As Eric confirms: “G&L largely serves OEM’s in tech-based industries. We are a welded tube producer of stainless steel, nickel, and titanium, with sizes ranging from .250” to 2.25” outside diameter. Some of the most popular alloys that we produce are the 300, 400, 600 and 800 series, along with titanium Grade 1 and Grade 2.”

The company’s portfolio will soon feature an exciting new addition, as Eric reveals: “We are always looking for new opportunities to provide value to our customer base. We have recently partnered with an innovative company called Rigidized Metals, Buffalo, NY, to develop highly engineered, enhanced surface welded tubing. Rigidized Metals produces the coil products that we will then manufacturer into tubing. The end product has the ability to offer a significantly better efficiency in heat transfer, and fits well with our innovative approach to the welded tube market. There’s much more to come on this one.”

Fostering innovative thought through company culture is one of the ways that G&L Tube ensures its enduring success. People are central to the work G&L does, as Eric confirms: “The quality of our people determines the quality of our product. We believe very strongly in investing in our team members, and, with the backing of O’Neal industries, I’m proud to say we offer some of the best benefit packages in the industry.

“We have felt the same growing pains as the rest of the manufacturing sector when it comes to labor shortages. We have had to work hard at creating and maintaining a culture within our organization that makes employees proud to be a part of the team. This past summer we invested in adding air conditioning to our manufacturing facility to show that we are serious about providing a safe and comfortable work environment that provides a career opportunity, not just a job.”

Another aspect of G&L’s working culture that sets it apart from competitors is the senior management team. “We have an amazing group of professionals that are committed to the long-term success of the business. It is an honor to lead this team, including Tim Saylors, VP of Operations, Leslie Thompson, VP of Finance, Bill Henricks, Director of Sales, Brian Huelskamp, Operations Manager, Stephanie Elliott, HR Manager, Mike Adams, Technical Director, and Brian Smith, Engineering Manager. This group has over 120 years of combined tubing industry experience, meaning we can offer unparalleled customer support,” Eric enthuses.

With such an incredible team, the future of G&L Tube certainly looks bright. As Eric concludes: “G&L is strategically positioned for future growth. We are aligning ourselves with key suppliers and customers to become an even stronger company. We know there are challenges that we will need to continually take head-on, such as staffing, global supply chain issues, geopolitical tensions and many other things that are out of our control. I am confident that this team will continue to overcome these challenges with the same poise and professionalism they have displayed these last several years.

“What I see for us in the next three-to-five years is success. This team has proven they are ready for anything that comes our way, so we will continue to pursue growth in existing markets, as well as complementary adjacent markets that will help us further serve the welded tubing industry.”

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