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A lasting Impression

For nearly 50 years, Glunz & Jensen has pioneered the latest in offset and flexo printing technology; continuing its long history of innovation, the company has now released a new sustainable processor for its customers

On April 16th 1973, Peter Glunz and Bjarne Jensen came together with the goal of creating a world-leading processor for the printing industry; that was the day Glunz & Jensen was founded, and from there on out, the company has stayed true to its original mission. Now operating facilities in Denmark, Slovakia, and the USA, Glunz & Jensen is recognized as the world leader in offset and flexo printing technology.

“Since its founding, the company has been restructured to better deal with growth and acquisitions,” details Robert Popik, Chief Operational Officer at Glunz & Jensen. “The company underwent significant change when was listed on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen A/S.”

Still running out of its original headquarters in The Selandia park property, Ringsted, Glunz & Jensen has always been connected to its roots. “Peter and Bjarne did not start out with a goal of creating a large industrial enterprise. They simply had some ideas about making the best processor possible, and, above all, an indomitable optimism and confidence. They were enthusiastic about their project, and confident that they would produce the world’s best processing machine,” Robert explains.

Fuelled by ingenuity and curiosity, Glunz & Jensen is now considered the world leading supplier of innovative, high-quality plate making solutions. The company’s portfolio is extensive, as Robert summarizes: “Our product range includes exposure units, dryers, light finishers, processors, all in one systems (Flex-i-line), flexmount, iCtP (platewriter), mounting tables, plate stackers, and software for monitoring and controlling complete prepress processes.

“For almost 50 years, our offset and flexo platemaking systems have set the benchmark for excellence. By focusing on the areas that are most important to customer needs – simplicity, performance, reliability, and the lowest cost of ownership – our products and systems have become the preferred choice for companies operating a world-class packaging and print media business. In addition to developing and producing processors for the offset and flexo printing industry, we also offer after sales service,” he continues.

Ensuring such a high standard of service, and product quality, has helped Glunz & Jensen establish strong industry connections with many of its core customer base. As Robert confirms: “We deliver value through reliable service and products that are designed and built to deliver exceptional performance over a long lifespan; some customers even use the same equipment for 15 years or more.

“Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Glunz & Jensen to create and maintain a more efficient and effective prepress process. We have long-standing relations with major customers such as Agfa, Asahi, DuPont, XSYS, Fujifilm, Heidelberg, Kodak, Miraclon and MacDermid. We have worked closely with the world’s largest suppliers of printing solutions; these companies continue to rely on our expertise and experience to develop the next generation of platemaking solutions.”

Central to maintaining these relationships is a set of core values, which motivate the people behind Glunz & Jensen to be, and to produce, the best. “Our core values are freedom and responsibility, which allow us to constantly develop, whether that’s from a professional or personal point of view. I believe that it was these values that helped us become the industry leaders we are today.

“True value is born also from our commitment to working closely with our customers and suppliers, in order to exceed expectations and deliver positive results. It’s an approach to developing quality, simplicity, and reliability that customers and suppliers have trusted for almost 50 years – and one that we call Work Positive,” Robert discusses.

This culture of positive innovation is a key element of Glunz & Jensen’s international marketing network, which is run by over 100 employees across Denmark, the USA, and Slovakia. Whilst keeping its operation global, the company recently moved much of its manufacturing operation to one location, as Robert reveals: “We decided to try and use the current critical situation with Covid-19 to consolidate our production, and, thanks to our team’s enormous efforts, we have succeeded in doing so.

“The move centralized all of our activities in Slovakia, and contributed to higher productivity and improved on-time deliveries, which impacted the financial results positively. The implementation of these changes was not easy, especially in the complicated times of Covid, but our enthusiasm and desire for success helped us to overcome all obstacles, and the result is a much leaner organization with more efficient processes.”

In an ever-changing industry, Glunz & Jensen continues to be at the forefront of innovative thought. The company’s latest project is emblematic of how it continually strives to meet the needs of its customers. “We understand that as the industry continues to evolve, so must the technology that supports it. For example, we are leading the way for offset customers in countries with tightening regulations through a new range of environmentally friendly products.

“By using more accurate replenishment systems, these sustainable solutions not only enable you to meet tough environmental standards, but they also lower operational costs by using considerably less energy, less chemistry, and less water; they therefore generate far less waste,” says Robert.

“Our goal is to be the most innovative hardware and services provider in our product areas, and thereby expanding our market share with global customers. At the same time, we will strengthen our earnings through optimization of prices, production, logistics and capacity utilization,” he concludes.

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