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Over the course of nearly a century Hermann Bantleon has earned a reputation based on strong customer relationships and continues to occupy a leading position in the lubricants market today

Hermann Bantleon was founded in 1918 as a manufacturer of leather, hoof and cart grease, vegetable oil and washing powder. In the 1950s the company became a member of the AVIA group. This was also a signal for future rapid growth and success was set as it began to produce more specialised greases, corrosion inhibitors, formwork and separation oils, and cutting and grinding oils for the metal processing industry. In the time since, Bantleon has continued to grow and expand its portfolio and is now a successful global manufacturer of high performance lubricants, cleaning and anti-corrosion fluids for a vast range of applications in the automotive and metalworking industries. With years of experience and expert knowledge behind it, the company has become increasingly known as a complete integrated services provider and problem solver as it works closely with its customers to develop high quality and bespoke solutions for complex production and fabrication processes.

To get to where it has today, innovation has played a major role in Bantleon’s journey and the company releases a lot of new products every year. “A dynamic law situation requires a high level of innovation and development expertise,” says the Bantleon Managing Director, Heribert Großmann. “The knowledge we have and our experience means that we are able to react quickly to new market developments both on a national and international level.” With ongoing investments into research and development Bantleon builds key variables such as law, occupational safety and environmental protection into its product development in the pursuit for the highest quality. As a result the company’s current portfolio not only serves its core markets of the automotive and metal industries, but has also developed solutions for various machining processes like turning, drilling, milling or grinding from many sectors. Over the next 12 months the company will be focused on implementing the innovative formaldehyde-free coolant range of solutions within its markets.

Customer and market orientation has always been key to Bantleon to achieving a constant stream of innovation and development and the company can trace some customer and supplier relationships back over 60 years. As Heribert says: “Long-term and sustainable relationships are an important part of the company’s philosophy.”

Aside from the fluid segment of the business, and in line with Bantleon’s drive to become a complete integrated systems supplier and solutions provider, the company also has expertise in filtering and containment. Using its tank engineering expertise Bantleon is able to offer consulting services and solutions for the storage and dosing of lubricants with full safety and compliance in mind. This is also accompanied by supplying all required filters in the process chain. It then enhances this offering with full support and maintenance services. In addition, the company’s energy management division acts as a systems provider for heat and energy. Fuels such as heating oil, natural gas and pellets demonstrate Bantleon’s versatility in this field.

Based in Ulm, Germany, and also operating out of Crimmitschau, Bantleon is then able to serve a global market through an expansive and dedicated partner network. “We deliver to our customers and partners worldwide with products made in Germany,” highlights Heribert. “Our research and development team has around 25 people working together. Then we have a new fully automated production facility for water-miscible coolants to ensure the highest level of quality. According to branch experts this is amongst the most modern equipment in this kind of facility. The company has invested about 17 million to 20 million euros in the last ten years in its facilities. The major projects have been the construction of a new logistics centre, a new coolants production plant and new tank storages. We are constantly investing and modernising our equipment and facilities, for example at the moment we are beginning to construct a new training and office building called the Bantleon Forum for knowledge and dialogue.”

Across all of its operations, sustainability and social responsibility have been integral parts of Bantleon for many years. “We are gearing up to the so-called magic triangle of sustainability in as many business environments as possible,” outlines Heribert. “We were aspiring towards a sustainable strategic orientation long before the publication of the new DIN ISO 26000, and we want to integrate this into our existing management system in order to strengthen the consistency of all business processes. This is also an additional message to our employees and business partners: not only do we want to demonstrate social responsibility, but also to report actively on it. The bare intention is good, but the action is decisive.”

Over the next 12 months Bantleon will very much be focused on continuing to operate in the reputable way it has done successfully for so many years. In more detail one particular focus will be on implementing the GHS Labelling system (Globally Harmonised System of Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals) to help ensure that best practice and health and safety standards are promoted within the international market.

Through a constant and committed drive for innovation and customer-focused development, Bantleon has established a strong leading position in the lubricants industry. This is accompanied by a deeply ingrained philosophy of having the most up-to-date and automated production processes to ensure quality alongside traditional service and long-standing customer and supplier relationships. These values have defined Bantleon’s journey to its current success, and will continue to define its path as it moves forward. With more ideas in the pipeline and continued investment into its facilities, the next few years look set to award the German company with a new period of growth and secured market position.

Hermann Bantleon GmbH
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