Hoshizaki Europe Earns Queen’s Award for International Trade Excellence

The ice age

Hoshizaki Europe Limited (Hoshizaki), a leading manufacturer of commercial ice-making equipment, has earned a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in international trade, achieved through investment in manufacturing and the application of three strong business values

Hoshizaki produces ice machines, and has acquired a vast experience of the sector and its requirements over the 22 years it has been in operation. During this time the company has continued to grow and to update and improve its facilities, increasing sales and building a strong reputation.

Finance director Haydn Humphreys expanded on the company’s history and development: “Hoshizaki Europe Limited began its operations in Telford in 1994. At that time we had around 20 employees and were producing an average of 20 ice-making machines per day. We now have a 127-strong team and produce, on average, 110 machines per day.” From these humble beginnings the company has evolved and grown, and has based all aspects of the business on a strong set of fundamental values and ideals.

The values that underpin Hoshizaki are three fold. Firstly the company aims to be continuously evolving and developing. By responding to the changes in the culinary requirements of the marketplace it believes it can make a contribution to the lives of its customers and to society as a whole. In order to fulfill this aim, Hoshizaki not only manufactures products based on its own original technologies, but is continuously developing new ideas, as well as quality service in support of more comfortable and efficient culinary environments.

Hoshizaki’s second corporate value is the creation of a company that is trusted by society and its employees, and is based on compliance with the law. This means having transparency throughout business, and following clearly defined business practices that allow for debate and discussion. As well as harmonising business activities and the environment, the company has focused on creating an occupational environment that is easy for its staff to work in.

The third corporate value is the Hoshizaki code of conduct. This involves valuing the approach of constantly creating new products, and enabling its staff to try new and unconventional ideas without fear of failure. It also means always considering matters from the perspective of the customer. To facilitate these values and ideals, Hoshizaki aims to promote an environment where all employees, in every job, are able to work in a friendly and positive atmosphere.

The company has enjoyed a considerable degree of business success by combining these corporate values with updating and improving its manufacturing facilities, as Haydn explained: “In 2014 we were approaching maximum capacity for warehouse space and set about finding additional premises to enable us to expand. In February 2015, we purchased a property immediately adjacent to our existing premises and began development work to expand our facility. The increased capacity not only gave us the extra warehouse space we required but also enabled us to improve the factory layout and maximise efficiencies to cater for our expanding business.”

Having expanded and improved the warehousing and manufacturing space, Hoshizaki has been able to increase its output and productivity. Today, the company manufacturers 110 ice machines per day, and benefits from being part of a much larger organisation. “Hoshizaki Europe Limited, a subsidiary of Hoshizaki Corporation,” Haydn said, “ has a current turnover of £21 million (forecast for 2016) primarily generated from sales of 23,000 ice-making machines (forecast for 2016). The primary purpose of the Telford factory is to supply the European, Middle East, Asian and North American market and we are proud to be recognised for our contribution to EMEA exports.”

It comes as no surprise then, that the quality of Hoshizaki’s products and continuing business performance have been nationally recognised. Haydn explained: “Having achieved an outstanding performance in exports, with significant year-on-year growth in overseas sales for the years 2012, 2013, 2014 of £13.1m, £14.1m and £16.8m respectively and an outstanding growth in overseas earnings relative to business size and sector, we decided to apply for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and were delighted to hear that we had been successful in the category of International Trade for 2016.”

Haydn went on to shed some light on the benefits of the award: “Winning this prestigious award has enhanced Hoshizaki’s reputation as a quality manufacturer and we are extremely proud to be able to apply the Queen’s Award emblem to our ice machines. Our staff have responded enthusiastically to the win, which is a real testament to their hard work and dedication to the company and its products. The anticipated increase in sales as a direct result of receiving this prestigious award will strengthen Hoshizaki’s plans to continue its operations in Telford and we are already seeing a real team effort to meet production targets and satisfy an increased demand for our products.”

Hoshizaki has developed a large international business producing industry-leading products, and is well-loved and respected by its customers. With investments in the Telford plant improving capacity and quality as well as receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the company is going from strength-to-strength, and no doubt has an impressive future ahead of it.

Hoshizaki Europe Limited
Products: Ice-making machines and ice dispensers