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An industrial revolution

With over five decades of industry experience, Hosokawa Micron Ltd. has grown into a leading provider of a comprehensive range of technologies across several sectors

Formed through the amalgamation of Alpine Process Technology, Hosokawa Mikropul and LE Stott, Hosokawa Micron Ltd. represents a specialist in the development, manufacture and installation of machines and systems for powder and particle processing, hygienic filling and weighing, containment and nanotechnologies. Hosokawa Micron Ltd operates as a member of the worldwide Hosokawa Micron Group, which was originally founded in Osaka in 1916 and was proud to celebrate its 100th anniversary during 2016. Today the group is a world leader in providing process solutions in the fields of powder and particle processing technology and blown film technology. Hosokawa Micron Group maintains facilities for research, engineering, manufacturing and service throughout Asia/Oceania, the Americas and Europe.

“Hosokawa Micron Ltd has a proud heritage of designing and manufacturing powder and particle processing equipment. Our portfolio of equipment is designed for high performance and the ability to deliver distinct production advantages for customers. Powder processing equipment is a requirement in many industry sectors – in particular where size reduction, mixing, drying, filling and weighing and containment are required,” elaborates Managing Director, Iain Crosley. “Typically our work is within the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and nuclear sectors. Hosokawa Micron leads the way in nanoparticle production technology, combining expertise in more traditional powder processing technologies with particle design and the supply of equipment for the creation and manufacture of high value particles with new powder characteristics. Using nanotechnology, materials can effectively be made to be stronger and harder, lighter, more durable, more reactive, better electrical conductors and much, much more. We also offer a tol
l processing service, which means that we process the customer’s materials when they can’t – either because of limited capacity, niche product requirements or new product development or in readiness for their own plant coming on-line. Our purpose built Test Centre offers unique opportunities to test equipment, processes and systems in a controlled and convenient environment – from concept through to feasibility studies and product trials. This facility enables customers to find the optimum system design and helps determine individual equipment specification of both pilot and full scale plant.”

Throughout its history Hosokawa Micron has developed a strong network of working partnerships with key international blue chip companies and iconic brands mainly but not exclusively within the food, chemical and pharmaceutical fields, as well as with smaller, locally based clients. Furthermore, whether it is dealing with a major international business or much smaller entity, Hosokawa Micron is able to take advantage of its place within the wider Hosokawa Micron Group to provide a comprehensive one-stop-solution. “Benefiting from the extensive support and partnership of other member companies in the international Hosokawa Micron Group, we are able to able to take advantage of its place within the wider Hosokawa Micron Group to provide a comprehensive one-stop-solution. “Benefiting from the extensive support and partnership of other member companies in the international Hosokawa Micron Group, we are able to deliver a comprehensive range of products and technologies that continue to deliver optimum solutions for individual size reduction, mixing, classifying, filling and weighing, screening, containment, nanotechnology and integrated processing and plant performance problems, which deliver recognisable and tangible benefits. Typically these projects range from research and development (R&D) through to full turnkey installations in both the UK and overseas. Our engineering skills and latest production technologies ensure that the high level of performance of our machines, application of our extensive processing know-how and partnership approach to development of new technologies and processing solutions are in demand by small and large, blue chip companies alike,” Iain says. “We are proud to offer customers a single source supply for integrated processing systems and component machinery to meet individual requirements and seek to set new standards in powder processing technologies that exceed expectations and deliver significant competitor advantage. Our philosophy is not just to offer a standard machine but to also work alongside our customers and their engineering teams to provide value added solutions to processing problems. With an unrivalled portfolio of machine ranges and many unique equipment and technology options to offer, many companies appreciate the benefits of our selection choices and easy scale-up options available to them for both their present and future processing requirements.”

As an example of the innovative solutions provided by the company, Hosokawa Micron recently designed two new downflow booths for a world-leading cosmetics company. The client required two new downflow booths to deliver high levels of protection from dust and fumes for both personnel and products. Space limitations and structural restrictions in the customer’s facility poised significant challenges relating to the build and design of the booths, one of which was required for the handling of solvents and the other for powders. Before commencement of the project a full risk analysis was undertaken which examined all potential risks from the toxicity and flammability of the materials handled and dust exposure limits to the compatibility of materials handled and the explosion risks. Standard operating procedures and the number of people operating within the booths and production areas were also considered in order to ensure the optimum booth design and configuration. “In order to future-proof and deliver flexibility of operation, the booths were designed to accommodate a range of dispensary and sampling tasks plus manual and automated materials handling. Our designs and the finished facility are sympathetic to these demands, offering easy access, well planned and flexible work zones and integrated equipment positioning,” explains Iain Crosley. “The ergonomic design of the booths is enhanced with cooling packages for workplace temperature management to create a more user friendly work environment, ECM filter monitoring, high efficiency fans and LED lighting plus recessed housing for ease of storage and accessibility of tools. The placement of the solvent handling booth also allows for a space saving mezzanine floor above.”

Throughout all of its operations, Hosokawa Micron works both internally and externally to embrace ‘Industry 4.0’ and the company works with clients to manage their transition to more intelligent manufacturing by harnessing the combined strength of the latest plant performance monitoring equipment and multivariate analysis software with its technical and practical processing expertise. Equipped with intuitive and predictive modelling and advanced control capabilities, the company can provide the specialist support to enable companies to unlock the full potential within their plant; achieve six Sigma performance; realise significant competitive advantages; and develop a step by step transition to increasingly intelligent manufacturing. This embrace of digital technology represents a key strategy for Hosokawa Micron and will continue to be an important area of focus for the business in the future. “Hosokawa Micron will remain focused on building and maintaining partnerships with blue chip customers seeking powder-processing solutions. We will continue to develop our machinery range to create added production benefits for customers but on a wider focus Industry 4.0 or ‘The Internet of Things’ is now a reality for all manufacturers. Global manufacturing is poised to make one of the biggest changes to economic growth and productivity ever seen – eclipsing the mechanical, mass production and automation industrial revolutions of the last 200+ years,” Iain concludes. “By capturing the data in your plant we can unlock patterns and trends that have never before been seen, enabling another level of efficiency within your plant or manufacturing process, while improved visibility allows operators to see how individual assets are performing, identify hidden losses and failures, justify improvements and then monitor their impact on the bottom line.”

Hosokawa Micron Ltd.
Products: Specialist in the development, manufacture and installation of machines and systems for powder and particle processing, hygienic filling and weighing, containment, nanotechnologies and data driven manufacturing solutions