Introducing Excool’s latest innovation in cooling technology: Excool Flex 

With a track record of excellence, Excool Ltd has emerged as the go-to choice for cooling data centers, outperforming other alternatives in the market. Notably, Excool is expanding its manufacturing operations in the US, signaling its commitment to meeting the growing demands of the American market. The company is also strategically establishing a presence in Singapore to cater to customers in the Asian and Middle Eastern regions. Recently, Excool unveiled its latest innovation, the Excool Flex, which boasts remarkable technical features. Moreover, its products incorporate outstanding eco-friendly elements as part of an unwavering commitment to sustainability. With each passing year, Excool continues to experience remarkable growth, solidifying its position as a pioneering force in the data center cooling industry. Jon Pettitt, CEO, fills us in on Excool’s progress over the last few years.

“Since 2022 and into 2023, our business has witnessed what is arguably the most successful period in our 14-year history. We have achieved remarkable progress, particularly in the US, where we continue to make huge strides. Additionally, we have recently secured our first substantial project in the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, our UK site has witnessed increased production and improved efficiency output from the factory. So, we have been quite busy, but we are pleased to note that everything is progressing in the right direction.

As a testament to our dedication, we were honored to receive the prestigious Queen’s Award for International Export in 2022. The day Princess Anne presented us with the award was truly unforgettable and immensely gratifying,” he begins.

Excool’s newest product, Excool Flex, is making waves in the data center market. Jon delves into the specifics of the company’s latest innovation. “As a completely water-free solution, the Excool Flex represents a new offering for us. It is a split system that allows us to enter a previously inaccessible market sector. In addition to its water-free nature, the core component of the Excool Flex is a new chiller. Although we have been manufacturing chillers for over 30 years, we had not entered the data center market due to fierce competition from larger manufacturers. However, with this new development, I believe we have something truly exceptional that will enable us to make a significant impact in that market. The chiller is seamlessly integrated into our indoor cooling solution, which we refer to as a cooling wall. This combination presents a compelling proposition for data centers worldwide. The Excool Flex is available in cooling capacities of 400, 600, and 800 kilowatts, with built-in redundancy for up to two minutes in the event of a power loss. We have also managed to streamline production, keeping costs low while reducing manual labor and energy consumption. The system exhibits adaptability to various global environments, making it efficient and quick to deploy. Moreover, we provide lengths of fuel grade stainless steel flexible pipe work as an added benefit, facilitating swift connection between the indoor and outdoor units and further reducing on-site construction costs and the requirement for specialized labor. Looking ahead, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Excool Flex accounts for 50 percent of our turnover in a couple of years. The market’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, and clients are eagerly visiting our lab to witness the capabilities of the Excool Flex first-hand,” he explains.

Jon provides an insightful account of Excool’s remarkable progress since its expansion into the US market. “Our presence in the US has surpassed our expectations and proven to be an incredible success. The solutions and technologies we provide have resonated exceptionally well in the data center market. In fact, it has been so successful that we are now in the process of relocating our facility from South Carolina to Georgia. While we always had plans to make this move, I didn’t anticipate it happening this early. I believed it would be a couple of years down the line, but circumstances have compelled us to act sooner because we needed a larger space to accommodate our growing operations. We are currently searching for a suitable location just outside Atlanta, Georgia. The new facility will focus on large-scale assembly rather than full-scale manufacturing. We will have a bigger team in place as well as an exciting addition – a brand-new showroom. The showroom will feature a comprehensive display of our cutting-edge technologies, including the Excool Flex, the Excool Zero, and the Excool Dry. The expansion into the US market represents a significant milestone for our organization, as it establishes itself as the backbone of our operations,” he elaborates.

Aside from its expansion to the US, Excool has more ambitious developments in the pipeline. Jon unveils Excool’s ongoing and upcoming developments. “Now that Excool Flex has launched, we are entering a phase of renewed innovation. One significant factor shaping the entire industry at the moment is the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). This development has led to an increased demand for computer power, which in turn generates more heat. It is incumbent upon an organization such as ours to develop innovative and energy-efficient solutions that can effectively remove this heat while maintaining the sustainability of the sector. Thus, we are currently dedicating substantial efforts to address this challenge. Moving forward, our next project entails further exploration of our involvement in this field. We are constantly on the move and eager to embrace new opportunities, including how we can contribute to the AI-driven advancements in the industry.

“In terms of our production process, we have been diligently working on enhancing efficiency in various aspects, including quantity, quality, and sustainability. However, every endeavor has its limitations. In the next six-to-12 months, we anticipate reaching a point where we will need to seek additional manufacturing facilities to accommodate our growth. While we are not currently operating at full capacity, it is crucial for us to prepare for future market demands and ensure that we can meet our ambitious production goals. This may involve establishing new manufacturing facilities both in the UK and potentially in other locations as well,” he highlights.

Through ground-breaking innovations and significant expansion into promising new markets, Excool is well-positioned to continue providing sustainable and efficient cooling solutions to critical data centers worldwide.