Ion Enterprises

Unlike systems that use harsh chemicals to dissolve scale and corrosion and contribute toxic pollutants to groundwater, Ion Enterprises uses a chemical-free approach to water conditioning.

The Burlington, Ontario-based company manufacturers a range of environmental water treatment devices under its ION ScaleBuster and EnviroTower trademarks. Aside from being chemical-free, its solutions employ an electrostatic process that reduces energy and water consumption and, in certain cases, eliminates toxic water discharge.

Due to the success of its innovative solutions, Ion Enterprises currently offers its Generation 7 and Generation 8 versions of the ScaleBuster.

“We invest a lot in R&D and are changing and improving our technology all the time,” Gur says. “Generation 7 is for regular applications. Generation 8 is designed to fit with EnviroTower or where we control the flow and pressure.” Each generation is designed to be an improvement to its predecessor.

Electrostatic Technology
ScaleBuster is a water conditioning technology for general pipework, cooling, heating and plumbing equipment, appliances and processing equipment.

Designed for industrial, commercial, and municipal applications, Ion Enterprises’ proprietary electrostatic technology functions without chemicals, power or moving parts.

The hydrodynamic conditions present during operation force the precipitation of minerals in the water. This process prevents the formation of scale and corrosion and allows the water to absorb scale already attached to internal piping and equipment surfaces.

The ScaleBuster will remove existing scale build up on surfaces, such as piping and fittings, heating elements, industrial heat exchangers, water pumps and tanks, so that less energy is required to for heat transfer.

ScaleBuster technology is available in numerous sizes to cover a wide range of flow rates. “We manufacture small ones that can go into a house or an ice maker and we sell larger ones for municipal or industrial applications,” Gur says.

The company’s models are equipped with both European and North American connections to address virtually any piping or equipment configuration.

The durable construction of ScaleBuster units allows them to provide years of reliable service inhibiting corrosion and scale without power, magnets, chemicals or maintenance.

The units are available with threaded connections and flanged connections.

Designed around the ScaleBuster, the EnviroTower is a cooling tower water treatment solution that optimizes energy and water efficiencies while minimizing environmental impacts.

Cooling towers represent up to 30 percent of a building’s overall energy budget and make up 50 percent of the its water consumption.

The solution is designed to help commercial, institutional and industrial facilities reduce their cooling costs. “It will help you save energy and save money,” Gur says.

“Our EnviroTower system is 99 percent efficient compared to the 90 percent you get with a ‘traditional’ chemical system,” Gur says. “It saves an average of 15 percent on the operational costs of cooling systems. In some cases, like for hospitals, you could be talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.”

Ion Enterprises states that its EnviroTower water treatment solution has many benefits. They include reduced energy consumption, reduced environmental impact, reduced water consumption, longer equipment life, reduced liability risks, improved health and safety for building occupants, improved health and safety for local residents and reduced air pollution.

Ion Enterprises’ patented and comprehensive solutions have earned endorsement from some of the largest and most demanding organizations in Europe and North America due to their ability to deliver consistent and reliable results.

EnviroTower is a popular solution for food and beverage processors, hotels, office buildings, health care facilities, educational institutions and public and government facilities.

Global Operations
Founded in 1990 in England, ION Enterprises has sales offices in Europe, North America, Central America, the Middle East and Asia.

Since inception, ION ScaleBuster products have been installed in more than 300,000 applications for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential projects around the world.

In 2014 and 2015, EnviroTower systems were installed at a VA hospital in Texas to replace an older system.

This year, Ion Enterprises is negotiating to get the EnviroTower to be a pilot for an air-conditioning subway system in China. “They are building over 500 stations of a new subway and each one will have air-conditioning. This is a big project.”

Also in China, a unique HVAC training and sourcing organization, that is looking to expand its operations inside an industrial park, has added EnviroTower training into is curriculum. “I’m very proud to be a part of this,” Gur adds. “Because that means we are doing it right.”

Ion Enterprises’ manufacturing facility in England is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. The company’s ScaleBuster products are certified by WRAS (UK), TÜV (Germany/EU), ACS (France) and WQA (United States) for NSF/ANSI 61 and 372.

“It’s a very unique approach,” CEO Jonathan Gur says. The company’s most popular products are its Ion ScaleBuster and EnviroTower cooling tower water treatment solution that is designed based on ScaleBuster technology.