IPG Photonics: Innovating Energy-Efficient Fiber Lasers for Industrial Excellence

Living the beam

IPG Photonics is a specialist in producing energy efficient fiber lasers for industrial markets and continues to bring new innovations to market that are designed to drive value and efficiency into high-value production processes

As an internationally leading supplier of high power fiber lasers and amplifiers, IPG Photonics is revolutionizing the performance and utility of manufacturing, across numerous materials processing applications. The company is the global leading vertically integrated manufacturer, operating from four production facilities in the US, Germany, Italy & Russia and from sales & service offices in the United Kingdom, across Europe & Asia. IPG Photonics has developed a strong reputation for leading design, quality and supply, selling products globally to OEM’s, system integrators and end users.

Having developed a unique approach to product innovation, IPG has become a leader of fiber laser based technical solutions, displacing traditional products with superior performance and value. The company is leveraging its brand and position as a pioneer and leader in the development and commercialization of fiber lasers and amplifiers to increase its market share in broader markets; putting it simply, IPG’s products are empowering the market by enabling tomorrow’s applications today.

Recent product launches of fiber lasers specifically target, welding, joining, hardening, cleaning and surface treatment applications. Fiber lasers operate in challenging industrial environments with a design that is aimed at zero maintenance, reducing service costs. Additionally, with high power fiber laser wall plug efficiency over 40 per cent, results in the lowest electricity costs. For maximum wall plug efficiency of over 50 per cent IPG have the –ECO series high power lasers. For demanding cutting applications a range of powers from 1-12kW is available; for example the YLS-12000-CUT cutting laser targets the most demanding cutting applications. The multi-axis work-cell product range, offered with a selection of fiber laser sources, are highly effective automated processing tools for both prototype and high-volume production environments.

IPG Photonics UK is focused on bringing the fiber laser technology to customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The new UK Sales and Service Center in Bristol provides convenient access to the entire region. Having local UK support has improved the customer interaction for the UK’s high value manufacturing sectors such as, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, medical and industrial manufacturing. “We have seen significant growth with the adoption of this fiber laser technology, since establishing the UK Sales and Service Centre. Local customers have the confidence to invest in IPG technology, safe in the knowledge that they have local support. IPG offer fiber laser products that are designed for zero maintenance, however our UK service team are here for technical support and installation services that ensure maximum productivity, says Mark Thompson Director of Sales at IPG Photonics UK.

With high value innovation at its focus IPG has significantly improved laser joining. A major innovation that delivers significant value is static beam forming. Here, the use of multiple high power laser beams (combined in a single process fiber), are delivered to a single joining process. Each of the independently powered beams is then positioned to enhance a distinct aspect of processing. For example, as the name suggests tri-focal brazing is a process that uses three beams; two lead beams vaporize the metallic coating layers, ahead of a third broader beam that powers the brazing process. By removing coating material that would otherwise contaminate the brazed joint, a superior joint is formed, free from spatter or porosity. While one laser beam is sometimes suitable, multiple laser beams operating in harmony often enhance value. This fact has already been noticed by the global automotive industry, where multiple laser beam processing is already undergoing rapid adoption.

Mark continues: “There is a dedicated team at IPG who have developed this unique technology; the fiber laser offers a dramatic difference over alternative laser sources. IPG essentially provide multiple independent fiber lasers within a single industrial cabinet that allows the brightness of each beam to be independently maintained. As each customer’s material combination is specific, we take their materials and demonstrate how we can improve the joining process. We work closely with customers to achieve the quality of the join they want at commercial production speeds.”

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