Karavan Trailers

It’s fun to be able to play in the water and snow, but the fun can’t ever start if people don’t have the right trailer to get their boat, watercraft or snowmobile to their lake, river or snow-capped landscape of choice. Karavan Trailers understands the market’s need for quality trailers, and has become a leading manufacturer in the industry because of its focus on responding to the needs of the market.

Founded in 1986 by brothers Mike and Scott Boyd, Karavan Trailers is a manufacturer of original equipment and private-label boat, watercraft, utility, snowmobile and other recreational trailers. The company got its start in Hartford, Wis., but by 1994, it had outgrown that facility and constructed a new state-of-the-art factory in Fox Lake, Wis.

“Karavan has since grown to be one of the largest recreational trailer manufacturers in the United States, with dealers and distributors worldwide,” the company says. “Karavan has recently undergone another expansion, doubling the size of the original Fox Lake facility to more than 200,000 square feet. We want to be the preferred source for all trailering needs.”

Top Performance

Karavan explains that its boat trailers are “the reason why we are the leader in trailer transportation.” Its boat trailers’ capacity ranges from 900 pounds to 12,000 pounds, and they are designed to have the top functionality, reliability and performance.

“The materials we use to build our trailers are set by our strict quality standards to ensure each Karavan trailer gets families to the water safely,” the company says. “Fully adjustable bunk and winch systems give each boat the fit it needs and adjustable running gear gets the trailer weight balanced for ease of towing. Our sure-lube grease system and plug wiring with submersible lights top off the perfect combination for a safe, reliable trailer.”

Karavan Trailers explains it has designed its personal watercraft (PWC) trailers to carry all of the two- and three-seat PWCs on the market today. The PWC trailers’ tubular frame construction allows for a fully adjustable winch and bunk system, and the trailer’s construction accommodates different styles of PWCs as families change the PWC they use.

Also used for water recreation, Karavan produces an extensive line of pontoon trailers. These are built with the same quality as the rest of its boat trailers, and come standard with waterproof lighting, adjustable running gear and a hot-dipped galvanized finish.

Cold-Weather Quality

Karavan understands that boats and snowmobiles are not simply toys for families; they are substantial investments. That is why the company creates the best-quality trailers to carry these vehicles. For fun in the snow, the company has created best-in-industry standard features on its snowmobile trailers, making them the choice for customers.

“Reliability, safety and performance make Karavan the obvious choice to hook up to a tow vehicle and head to the snow,” the company says. “Plug wiring with rubber-mounted lights and our sure-lube grease system make maintenance tasks simple and easy. Our use of quality materials like marine-grade plywood give customers the easiest-to-use snowmobile trailer to get their families to their fun in the snow destination.”

For cold-weather recreation, Karavan Trailers also offers its Sno-Kap cover, which has several high-quality standard features, such as an all-welded .060 tubular aluminum frame; diamond-plate aluminum stone guard; gas-shock assisted lift systems for the door and cover; and stainless steel low pro-clam-style air vents. Additionally, Karavan manufactures its Atomic 13 trailers, which it describes as “the most technologically advanced snow trailers that will revolutionize the industry. Its light, strong and more rigid design will keep sleds safe and ready for action.”

Building the Best

On the utility side, Karavan offers trailers to suit a variety of needs. “Karavan utility trailers offer a wide range of utility applications to serve most all needs,” the company says. “Solid, well-built, all-tubular frames offer the backbone of a hard-working utility trailer, which is something most other trailer manufacturers don’t offer.

“Marine-grade plywood or pressure-treated decking is another feature we don’t ignore when it comes to quality,” the company says. “All axles have our sure-lube grease system and all trailers have plug-wiring harnesses for easy maintenance. [Karavan offers] the best-built, most-reliable, hardest-working trailers.”

The company notes its Raptor ATV/UTV/RTV trailer also is available for the utility and snow markets.