Keep it fresh

Assembled in the US, Ford Refresh95 is Ford’s new standard advanced cabin air filter. As air moves through a vehicle’s heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, Ford Refresh95 aims to help reduce microscopic particles that can originate both inside and outside a vehicle’s interior. This is particularly important because, according to the EPA, particles less than ten microns in diameter, particularly those less than 2.5 microns, pose the greatest risk to health.

Ford Refresh95 certified air filters can help improve vehicle interior air quality in multiple ways, including filtering air particles 30 times smaller than a single human hair, helping to reduce allergens, trapping bacteria-sized particles and isolating smog and soot.

The Ford Refresh95 was also put through comprehensive third-party lab certification testing, including pressure drop testing to verify Ford Refresh95 will work throughout the recommended service interval.

Ford Refresh95 availability is expected in fourth-quarter 2021 for select vehicles, including the Bronco Sport, Escape, Explorer, Mustang Mach-E, Police Interceptor Utility and Maverick (available Fall 2021).