Learn how Mi-T-M Corporation pioneers innovation while overcoming industry challenges 

Based in Peosta, Iowa, Mi-T-M Corporation Ltd (Mi-T-M) stands as a key industry player, renowned for designing and manufacturing top-tier industrial equipment. With a rich history of delivering high-quality solutions, Mi-T-M has solidified its position as a trusted provider in the market. Notably, the company’s extensive product range encompasses pressure washers, air compressors, generators, vacuums, and portable heaters as well as water treatment systems catering to various industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. Dave Thiesse, Vice President of Commercialization, reports on Mi-T-M’s evolution. 

Automated Coil Roller Welding“In 1971, Mi-T-M was founded by A.J. Spiegel, a professional painting contractor who recognized the need for a portable pressure washer. Leveraging his vast knowledge of equipment, A.J. designed and built an efficient 1000 PSI pressure washer. This self-contained, gas-powered unit soon became known as the Mighty 1000. Eventually, it was abbreviated to Mi-T and paired with the Roman numeral “M,” thereby forming the company name, Mi-T-M. The first Mi-T-M pressure washer was a major contender in the industry, offering portability, affordability, and significant cleaning capabilities, which soon earned it a positive reputation. A.J. invested a substantial amount of time and dedication into building relationships and promoting his new Mighty pressure washer, leading to company growth and an expanded customer base. By 1982, Mi-T-M was a major player, boasting over 100 pressure washer models within its diverse product line,” he begins. 

Over 50 years in, Mi-T-M continues in its founder’s footsteps by consistently addressing evolving customer requirements. “Mi-T-M was born out of an opportunity to fulfill a need and that same philosophy is what continues to drive the company today. To that end, we currently operate from our expansive campus in Peosta, which spans over one million square feet and features 23 production lines, 11 test rooms, 22 test cells, a fully automated 800-foot conveyor line and multiple spacious shipping docks. This infrastructure allows Mi-T-M to manufacture, test, and ship hundreds of units and parts daily. Today, our product line-up includes cold and hot water pressure washers, air compressors, portable generators, air compressor and generator combinations, air compressors, generator and welder combinations, wet and dry vacuums, portable heaters, water pumps, and water treatment systems,” he adds. 

Dave announces that in recent years, Mi-T-M has experienced a change in ownership which has drastically improved its company culture. “In October 2021, Mi-T-M transitioned from a privately held company to a 100 percent employee owned organization. This significant change enables every employee to uphold our founder’s vision and tradition. Everyday each team member comes to work understanding that their actions today are going to shape the entire future of Mi-T-M. As a result, our workforce feels a sense of ownership and pride, knowing that what they do day-in and day-out is valued by their fellow employees as well as the entire corporation. Our small-town heritage defines what we do each day, and we are proud of it,” he highlights. 

Mi T M production facilityAt the core of Mi-T-M’s cohesive company culture is a focus on innovation. Dave explains how the company manages to stay ahead of the curve across the industries it caters to. “At Mi-T-M, our promise is to deliver unmatched performance, from the top-notch quality of our products to the dedication of each employee to always prioritize customer satisfaction. Taking care of our customers is what sustains our current business, while staying up to date with industry trends is critical for our growth. Additionally, we have recently established a new product development team focused on pioneering the next phase of our product evolution. Understanding what is happening in our industry and other related sectors is paramount to continuing our product growth,” he informs. 

By leveraging the latest in manufacturing equipment, Mi-T-M ensures the greatest product quality in the market. “Within our state-of-the-art facility, we utilize cutting-edge technology like laser cutters, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) robotic welders, and 7-stage powder-coat paint systems. Upholding our commitment to unparalleled product quality, our quality assurance team oversees every part of the manufacturing process from initialfabricationto final assembly. Moreover, Mi-T-M works closely with component manufacturers to make sure they adhere to our strict quality standards,” Dave states. 

Before turning to the future, Dave reveals the hurdles currently faced by the company, and how everyone at Mi-T-M is striving to address them. “We are facing several challenges in our industry. Firstly, our top priority is to improve user experience while maintaining our reputation for unwavering product quality. In addition, electrification technology is changing and improving every year. Thus, Mi-T-M has gathered a team of engineers and product managers focused on this category to empower us to remain at the forefront of this product evolution,” he enlightens. 

To conclude, Dave unveils Mi-T-M’s aspirations for the future. “Our sights are set to double our business within the next five years through ongoing product development efforts, process enhancements, and expanded product distribution. Mi-T-M has built a strong business over the years thanks to the support of our customers, the efforts of our employees, as well as the partnerships we have formed with our suppliers. The combination of these three elements will propel us for further growth in the years to come,” he ends. 

Through the collaborative effort of each of its skilled employees as well as their dedication to upholding business founder A.J.’s vision, Mi-T-M is poised to accomplish even greater success. As the company relentlessly pioneers innovations while adapting in the face of challenges, it is sure to continue prospering as an industry leader for generations to come.