Machine investment

The machine, an 80 mm (3”) single-stack model, will be installed at Sharpe Products’ Wisconsin-based manufacturing center, where it will be used to further expand the company’s production capability for its increasingly diverse customer base.

Sharpe Products and UK-based Unison Ltd have a long and proud history of working together. Sharpe’s President and CEO, Paul Krickeberg, bought into the concept of all-electric tube bending many years ago, when it was still a relatively new technology. “Our new Unison Breeze tube bending machine will help further support our capacity to offer short lead times and consistent accuracy – attributes that are essential to our customers,” says Paul. “We’ve been pleased with the work that we can produce on our Unison machines. Unison Ltd is one of our vendors of choice for our tube bending equipment.”

The 80mm single-stack Unison Breeze machine was chosen by Sharpe Products for its ability to deliver the accuracy and reliability necessary to meet the strict tolerances required by the company’s customers in industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical devices. It is equipped with Unison’s recently upgraded Unibend software, which offers cycle time speed improvements in the region of 25 percent compared to earlier versions and incorporates new teach routine and simulation features.