Majestic Metals Inc.

Majestic Metals Inc.’s approach to staying ahead of its competition is simple: offer customers value only they have the ability to provide.

The Denver-based sheet metal manufacturing company regularly invests in state-of-the-art equipment that allows it to stay ahead of the pack, such as its recent acquisition of an Amada FOL-AJ fiber laser, a 4,000-watt production laser.

“Through the acquisition of new equipment we can provide processes no one else can, ” says David Roberts, vice president of manufacturing. “The fiber laser, for instance, allows us to produce at speeds that have a positive impact on part cost.”

Laser cutting is just one of the capabilities offered in Majestic Metals’ facility. The company provides a full suite of manufacturing services for its customers including shearing, punching, forming, welding, sanding, grinding, painting and powder coating. Its capabilities also include screenprinting, mechanical and electromechanical assembly.

The company manufactures sheet metal products for the medical, computer and electronic industries as well as point-of-purchase products and retail store displays.

Majestic Metals was founded in 1979 by Roberts’ father. Today, Roberts and two brothers own the company.

Several of the company’s customers have been in place since its earliest days. “We’re most proud of our strong commitment to our customers as witnessed by the long list of customers that have been with the company since the beginning,” Roberts adds. “Our goal is to work with great customers and maintain that relationship forever.”

Quality Counts

Majestic Metals typically produces more than 11 million parts per year, with an average throughput of three to five days. Its quality rating with customers – representing the number of pieces produced versus the number of pieces returned – is 99.2 percent. “Our customers expect 100 percent quality parts 100 percent of the time,” Roberts says. Delivery is preserved in part through twice-daily production meetings, where every job on the shop floor that is projected to be shipped that week is reviewed. Delivery performance to the customer is 99.48 percent.

Majestic Metals’ commitment to quality is reinforced through its commitment to certification processes. The company is ISO 9001:2008 registered and also registered and compliant with federal International Traffic in Arms, Export Administration Regulations and other technology export control laws.

“We are a high-mix, low-volume manufacturer,” Roberts says. “Our overall capabilities and specialized processes give us a definite advantage in our market.”

Roberts attributes the company’s high success rate to its implementation of lean manufacturing principles as a course of business before lean was a buzzword as well as its supply chain practices. “Ultimately, those practices are the only way we could manufacture this volume of parts with a short lead time,” he adds.

Majestic Metals receives daily material shipments, which helps it eliminate the need for physical inventory. Every material on its shop floor is dedicated to a particular job, Roberts says.

“Suppliers are paramount to our success,” he adds. “We abide by a single sourcing process, which to us means we provide all of a particular material requirement to one vendor, with a backup. By dedicating ourselves to our supply base, we’re rewarded with preferential treatment when it comes to pricing, delivery and service, and in return they get 100 percent of our support.”