MAN Nutzfahrzeuge

The evolution of MAN

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is one of the international motor vehicle industry’s leading suppliers.

With a history of innovation, MAN is built on a tradition of commitment, pioneering technology and quality. This has been the cornerstone of the company’s success.

MAN offers the right products and solutions for any sector of the transport industry and for any transport assignment – from light and mediumweight trucks up to the heavy range with specialpurpose vehicles, as well as buses, coaches, engines and components.

A major part of MAN’s corporate strategy is technological leadership in the field of commercial vehicles. MAN maintains its pioneering role by recognising future needs at an early stage and consistently implementing them in the form of groundbreaking and highly original transport solutions and products.

In terms of sales, turnover and production, MAN Group is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. A tight network of subsidiaries and partners form the basis for the company’s continued success, on an international scale. A record 698 million euro turnover in 2006 was the best in the company’s history. The order intake increased by 22 per cent and reached nearly ten billion euros (9.841 million euros).

2005 also marked an important anniversary for the company – 90 years of MAN commercial vehicles. This is a long period, but one in which the company was always able to develop and provide the right technical solutions.

In spring 2005 MAN’s ‘Trucknology Generation’ was supplemented with the MAN TGL, and in the autumn, at the European Road Transport Show in Amsterdam, that vehicle competed alongside the MAN TGM. Consequently, the MAN TGL was singled out for the ‘Truck of the Year 2006’ award, a prize that MAN has now won for the sixth time – to the envy of all its competitors.

Innovation through research and development is a common theme throughout the company’s history. With constant optimisation of its solutions and designs, MAN ensures continual improvement in the performance, quality and economy of its products. MAN has a long tradition of research in fields of engines and driver assistant systems. Besides engines for commercial vehicles, MAN develops and produces engines for a range of other industrial purposes from power generation to drive systems for rail vehicles, ships and boats and special-purpose vehicles, with ratings ranging from 100 hp to 1550 hp. The company is also a system supplier for other vehicle manufacturers, providing drive units for various road vehicles. In the development of vehicle drive systems, design and ergonomics, MAN’s approach is research, develop and innovate.

With a view to arriving at new and better solutions for all, MAN is working on concepts that will help reduce fuel consumption, exhaust gas emissions and noise. Recycling and environmental protection are also fixed features of the holistic approach to development, planning and production employed by MAN. With this ecological focus the company is constantly expanding its competence as an innovative market leader.

The future prosperity of MAN will be closely linked to the environment. The protection of the environment, as well as the earth’s resources, has therefore become a high priority for the organisation for many years now. The company aims to harmonise long-term economic success with ecological and social awareness. MAN’s management and staff all work tirelessly to ensure the company fulfils this policy and commitment. Indeed, regular audits, both internal and external, are carried out to make sure MAN’s continues to be aware of its environmental impact.

People are the most important factor in any company; at MAN they are held in the highest esteem and are considered to be the most valuable resource. With their different talents, ideas and experience all employees are committed to maintaining MAN’s position as a high-tech innovator.

People are deployed within the MAN Group according to their potential and then given further training to ensure they have the necessary skills to tackle particular challenges. A wide range of further training courses give the company’s qualified personnel the opportunity to continually improve their knowledge and abilities, while helping them adjust to developments in technology – most of which MAN has spearheaded.

As well as seminars and qualification programmes, MAN offers staff the opportunity to develop their skills in job rotation and employment abroad. This not only promotes a wider understanding of structures, processes and requirements in the company across national, plant and departmental frontiers, but also ensures a continuous exchange of ideas between employees.

MAN is a truly global player and is one of the leading companies in the European market. Its raw materials are sourced from a multitude of global suppliers and the company sees itself as an important player, producing first class products. What’s more, one of MAN’s competitive advantages is its ability to combine efficiency with quality. This is being continuously improved upon. This process of continuous improvement, alongside innovation, has served the company well in the past and will continue to serve it well in the future.

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge
Products: Robust motor vehicle solutions
Sites: Global
Employees: 750