Master Spas offers unique products that combine relaxation, wellness, and convenience

Award-winning hot tub and swim spa manufacturer, Master Spas, provides a range of ultra-therapeutic products that bring pure relaxation and an oasis to any outdoor living space. As wellness is increasingly becoming a key aspect of our lives, hot tubs and swim spas offer a holistic self-care solution, with benefits including reduced stress and anxiety, relief from certain pains, and improved circulation. 

The business was founded in 1996 by Bob Lauter and current CEO, Terry Valmassoi, who purchased the spa division of Fort Wayne Pools as a foundational base. Through a commitment to innovation and industry-leading quality, Master Spas has grown to be the world’s largest swim spa manufacturer and the largest hot tub manufacturer to build all products in the United States. It has received multiple patents and industry awards and established a strong reputation for providing quality products to customers via a global dealer-based sales model. 

Today, Master Spas is headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on a 50-acre campus comprising 650,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and shipping space across nine buildings. The company’s product portfolio has also evolved, including collaborations with Olympic champion Michael Phelps. To learn more about how Master Spas has evolved, we catch up with Michael Rees, Vice President of Manufacturing. 

“We provide a diverse range of hydrotherapy products, including Master Spas hot tubs, H2X Fitness swim spas, Michael Phelps Signature swim spas, as well as our new Chilly GOAT line of cold tubs and premium infrared saunas under the Michael Phelps Sweaty GOAT Saunas,” Michael begins. “There are several series of hot tubs under our umbrella to reach customers’ varying therapy needs and budgets. At the premium end, Michael Phelps Legend Series hot tubs deliver a superior hydrotherapy experience, and the Twilight Series is a best-seller that blends luxury and comfort. On the other hand, Clarity Spas offer a more budget-friendly price point, and the Getaway Series, a line of rotomolded hot tubs, rounds out our offering. 

“Our swim spas are designed to combine the benefits of a swimming pool with the therapy and year-round use of a hot tub. H2X Fitness swim spas have a range of models, from space-conscious 11-foot swim spas to our massive, 19-foot dual-zone spas. There are three different types of water currents, ranging from the gentle flow stream system for aquatic therapy to the Aqua Speed VSP for recreational and age-group swimmers. We also have the Michael Phelps series, which features the fastest swim current and is ideal for competitive swimmers. 

“Our partnership with Michael Phelps began in 2010 when we collaborated with him and his swim coach to design a swim spa that could not only complement his pool training, but also accommodate swimmers of all heights,” he adds. “As our relationship has developed, we added the Michael Phelps Legend series, and we are excited to have him collaborate with us once again on the design and launch of the Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT cold tubs. Michael is a long-time proponent of cold water therapy and provided valuable input on the design of our cold tub models.” 

As Michael mentions, Master Spas has diversified its product offering to cater to evolving trends. “More and more people are prioritizing their health, but it’s no longer just hitting the gym or adopting healthy eating habits; people are looking for more holistic ways to improve their overall health, turning to practices like saunas and cold water immersion,” he explains. “We saw room for growth and innovation in this area and began manufacturing products to provide therapeutic yet convenient experiences.

“Our new cold tubs offer cold water therapy, which has gained significant traction in the wellness community – and for good reason. Cold water immersion offers a myriad of benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving circulation, boosting immune function, and even promoting better sleep. In today’s fast-paced world, people suffering with stress and anxiety are turning to cold water therapy to manage and alleviate stressors, as the therapy has also been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system.” 

As part of its commitment to quality, Master Spas continuously invests in the manufacturing process to ensure both accuracy and efficiency. “We have custom-built machinery on all our production lines, as well as one-of-a-kind automated machines in our swim spa production facility,” Michael elaborates. “We’re also exploring the use of robotic spraying, which would simultaneously enhance quality and reduce waste. 

“Our managers and supervisors use a proprietary iPad-based, custom-designed quality control and information software program to maintain quality and productivity. In our quest to be innovation leaders in our industry, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. We’re looking to implement consumer orientated technologies, and we’re currently investing in new tooling with enhanced features for comfort, performance, and reliability.” 

Aside from investments in the manufacturing process, Master Spas prides itself on working with reliable suppliers that also prioritize quality. “We align ourselves with suppliers that know our business and immerse themselves in the industry, meaning they are always on top of trends and events,” Michael elaborates. “One such vendor is UFP Packaging (UFP), who supply us with lumber components and custom designed spa frames. UFP keeps a careful watch on lumber availability and is in constant communication to ensure we are aware of any changes in the market, which includes weekly on-site visits, physical counts, and inventory recommendations. 

“We have a true partnership with UFP, as it has been our supplier of choice since 2010 and provides us with fast, convenient, and reliable delivery. UFP is knowledgeable about the spa industry and offers more than just wood components; the company collaborates with us on designs and offers innovative ideas that result in increased efficiency. UFP also supplies us with protective packaging products like spa bags, stretch film, and banding.” 

With a strong supply network and a commitment to producing high-quality products that enhance wellness, Master Spas is sure to experience continued success. When considering the future of the business, Michael proposes: “Our focus is on increasing our leadership role in the swim spa market and improving our position in several hot tub consumer demographics. We’re also expanding our opportunities in the cold tub and sauna market within the wellness industry, as well as enhancing our aftermarket sales by offering accessories. 

“These measures are part of our vision statement to be the global leader in aquatic therapy, relaxation, fitness, and fun,” he concludes. “To achieve this, we plan to continue our steady growth pattern for our current domestic and international dealers, and we hope to pick up market share in territories where we are not yet established. Our future blueprint is for our wellness-focused products to dominate sales demographics and in doing so, we will continue to provide customer-focused additions to our offering.”