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As one of the UK’s largest independent contract manufacturers, Mec Com continuously works to further enhance its capabilities to enable the company to meet the changing requirements of its global customer base

Looking back on well over a decade of manufacturing success, Mec Com Ltd. is a proven contract supplier of precision components, with a comprehensive range of capabilities including sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, electromechanical assembly and testing. Since its inception in August 2000, the company has achieved 100 per cent growth in sales from £7 million in 2000 to in excess of £14 million in 2016. During 17 years of profitable growth, Mec Com has achieved and maintained ‘supplier of choice’ status with key customers including Siemens Protection Devices Limited and GE Grid Solutions UK, while acquiring several major new accounts such as Classeq Glass Limited, DEK Printing Machines, Gazco Limited, GE Grid Solutions India Limited, Schneider Electric Energy, Siemens AG, Sinclair International Limited and TIS Circuits. By working from two modern manufacturing sites, Mec Com has provided proven solutions to clients around the globe across a host of applications including food processing, machine tools, medical markets, power distribution, renewable energy and transport.

With the demand for power solutions increasing across the world, Mec Com is well placed to take advantage of future market growth by building upon its established reputation for quality and service innovation, which it has continued to build within the protection and control sector of the power industry. “While Mec Com provides total manufacturing solutions (TMS) across a wide range of sectors, it specialises in the manufacture of products for the power generation and distribution industries, by working in partnership with market leaders to allow its clients to provide the end user with turnkey solutions to efficiently distribute and control energy. In fact, we have seen a 30 per cent increase in our business within this sector over the past two years,” reveals Mec Com Managing Director, Richard Bunce. “For example, for many years we have supplied Siemens with parts including mechanical enclosures; cables; nameplates; sub-assemblies; and electrical transformers, which the company has used in the manufacture of a line of protection devices in its Alpha range. During 2015 we te dered for and won a contract to supply both components and completed turnkey units that are fully calibrated, tested and packed.”

Mec Com currently employs over 200 members of staff and maintains a combined floor-space of 8,500 SQM across its two manufacturing sites comprised of Mec Com in the UK and European Fabrications in Romania. This allows the company to offer competitive solutions to market-leading businesses around the globe. Mec Com is also currently upgrading its fabrication technology at its UK facility to allow the business to provide both its existing and future clients from within the food processing industry with even greater levels of service and cost-effectiveness. This on-going development is currently 40 per cent complete at the time of writing and will require a circa £1.5 million investment in capital equipment, such as fibre laser equipment, auto panel bender machinery, wet paint spray facilities and robotic welding capabilities. The company is also a member of the Midlands Assembly Group (MAN), which is made up of eight sub-contract manufacturers and operates as a dedicated design house, offering electrical, mechanical and electronic engineering processes to a global customer base. “Mec Com is part of the MAN Group of companies, which represents a formal collaboration of high performing manufacturers that are involved in a wide variety of disciplines. These include electrical and electromechanical assembly; fabrication; plastic moulding; PCB production; and the provision of machined parts; assembly solutions; and die casting,” Richard elaborates. “This combined capability has further aided our ability to offer our customers contract manufacturing and supply chain solutions that provide them with security of supply, increased cost reduction and greater innovation in new product management.”

Across its business, Mec Com operates several key principles that enable it to maintain a competitive edge on the market and provide clients with leading-edge solutions. These values include the provision of TMS as both fabricators and genuine solutions providers for long-term manufacturing partners; a global supply chain that ensures that the company provides costeffective solutions and long-term manufacturing arrangements; the implementation of Kanban lean manufacturing and supply processes; dual capacity from its UK and Romanian facilities; investment in continuous improvement; and a carefully selected blue-chip customer base, which ensures that the company can deliver the right capacity to satisfy the client’s long-term requirements. These assets are of increasing importance in the face of uncertain and challenging market conditions and will allow Mec Com to enter into 2017 with the confidence to pursue an ambition plan for further growth. “The market for the manufacturing industry is very challenging at present, but the key to future success is to find the right customers and fully understand their specific requirements precisely,” Richard concludes. “Mec Com has set itself an aspirational target of achieving a 50 per cent increase in sales output over the next three years, by increasing from £12 million in sales during 2015 to £18 million by 2018. Although this is a very challenging target, we are confident that it can be achieved based on current growth and future qualified business opportunities.”

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