Metecno Mexico


For more than 50 years, Metecno Group has been a frontrunner in the development of products with the highest technical specifications. The panel specialty company was founded in Italy in 1960, and since then, has sold more than 250 million square meters of different types of panels, which have been installed in several parts of the world and in diverse climate conditions.

Metecno strives to set itself apart from the competition through its new technology, know-how, use of the finest raw materials, quality control and qualified service-driven personnel.

As it continues to extend its reach, the holding company is revolutionizing the construction industry in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean through its fire-resistant, soundproof mineral wool panels. With no signs of slowing down, the company continues to grow as a global leader in its market now that its products are sold in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. Its plants are also all over the world, including in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Colombia and Mexico.

Mexican Branch

In 1992, the parent company – having already set up a branch in Colombia – began to market its technology in Mexico. Later, in 2000, Metecno Mexico became part of the holding group. Today, the Mexican branch has offices in the country’s major cities and a production plant in the state of Queretaro. The selection of this state is a strategic move to promote communication between important cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and ports such as Veracruz and Manzanillo.

The Queretaro plant has the high capacity to produce more than two million square meters of insulated, polyurethane-injected metallic panels per year. These are sold domestically, as well as throughout Central America.

The same plant produces a slew of products for various construction solutions, including architectural needs. Since 2000, Metecno Mexico has manufactured Glamet, Glamet LV, Superwall, Glamet Frigo, Frigo Superwall panels, Metcoppo panel, Metwall and Metdoors.

In 2014, Metcoppo panel was selected as the roofing material for a beautiful chapel in the state of Hidalgo. The construction of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, located in Mineral de Reforma, was carried out by Arguetas Constructores. This project utilized 1,280 square-meters of 1.5-inch Metcoppo for the roof tiles in a terracotta color.

Metecno Mexico stays busy. Among its many projects are included housing and commercial, some big and some small. In recent years, the company has worked with hospitals – Hospital Militar, Hospital de Punta Arenas, Hospital Felix Bulnes – as well as mines – Doña Inés De Collahuasi de Codelco, Los Bronces de Anglo American, Yacimiento Gaby de Codelco. Also among its projects are energy centers, areas that need soundproofing and fire-resistant warehouses.

Metecno Group

Metecno Group is the No.1 producer in the world of pre-fabricated composite panels. It focuses especially on design, prefabrication and installation of these – from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions. Its main services also cover the areas of soundproof panels, doors and containers often included in contracted turnkey projects.

The global group manages a comprehensive list of products including:

    >Polyurethane panels with pre-painted surfaces in galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, vinyl, cardboard-felt, and aluminum foil;
    >Mineral wool panels with pre-painted perforated galvanized steel surfaces;
    >A full line of accessories for each product;
    >Panels for freezers and modular cold stores;
    >Garage doors.

Metecno’s corporate vision is “to be recognized in Latin America as a leader in the manufacturing of insulated panels and materials for the construction sector, as well as a highly competitive company, committed to technological innovation.”

To reach this goal, the company plans to address in a timely and efficient manner the demands of the market in which it participates. It will continue looking for processes that garner the profits that are expected by stockholders. It will continue to foster the support and development of its personnel to maintain a work team of talented and committed individuals, and to contribute to the development and the maintenance of a sustainable and healthy environment.