Modular approach

This approach, enabled by Plex’s innovative cloud-native platform, more closely aligns with customers’ needs as they build their smart manufacturing technology strategy, including a focus on flexibility, quick implementation, and ease of entry with a path to grow.

“Plex was built from the ground up for manufacturers with flexibility and scalability in mind, as evidenced by our cloud-first multi-tenant architecture. Modularization takes this a step further with numerous starting points for companies at any stage to begin or expand their digital transformation journey,” said Nathan Pieri, chief product officer and vice president, applications, Rockwell Automation. “We took an outside-in look at understanding customer challenges and aligned our approach to help them manage their entire lifecycle and deliver positive business outcomes every step of the way. By providing manufacturers with easier points of entry and an elastic building block approach, companies can focus on their immediate Industry 4.0 transformation needs with options to add more capabilities as they need them, all seamlessly within our secure manufacturing cloud.”

“The new modular approach, from production monitoring to full ERP and everything in between, ensures we can help customers quickly solve their most pressing pain points with one, many or all of our innovative smart manufacturing solutions, meeting them where their needs are and supporting them as they grow,” commented Ron Pascuzzi, chief customer officer, Plex Systems. “Plex’s customer-led approach to our product strategy is affirmed by offering a fast path to start their digital transformation journey.”