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Founded in 1963, Mostostal Plock has developed an outstanding reputation within the chemical and steel industries.

By offering modern equipment complimented by experienced and highly qualified employees, the company is able to guarantee quality work, which is completed on time, every time.

Operating in Poland, Germany and Lithuania, Mostostal Plock offers a range of services, which are tailored to meet its customers’ exact requirements. These include the manufacture and erection of steel structures, such as industrial tanks, vessels, pipelines and industrial plants. The business offers a complete one-stop-shop for its clients with services covering design, construction, anti-corrosion work and equipment transportation. These are complimented by additional services including welding, ultrasound, radiography and strength testing. Furthermore, Mostostal Plock provides extensive after-sales services.

Specialising in providing services for the petrochemical and chemical industries, the company has been operating in the construction and installation of steel works for approximately 50 years. Currently, it is a part of the capital group Mostostal Warszawa, and also holds a 50 per cent stake in the company Centromost.

Centromost enabled the organisation to venture into a new area of the steel works industry back in 1998 when it was formed. Working together with Centromor of Gdansk, which also owns a 50 per cent stake in the business, Mostostal Plock broadened its services by adding the construction of steel vessels to its offering. Centromost builds and repairs river and sea vessels, and also produces other steel constructions, including those for civil engineering purposes, as well as marine equipment. The types of ships produced include container vessels, barges, floating docks and passenger vessels.

Aside from the production of steel vessels, Mostostal Plock’s main strengths lie in the construction and erection of complicated industrial plants. The organisation offers industrial plants for a wide range of industries, including petrochemical, wood, cement, sugar, metal and power. The complexity and the diversity of the facilities erected is the source of Mostostal Plock’s experience and competency. Although the requirements of the projects are set extremely high, the company always meets and exceeds them, and it also complies with the technical specifications relative to the execution of the task. As a result, Mostostal Plock offers the best quality of work and continually meets tight deadlines.

Within this business area, the organisation also provides its clients services for the construction, overhaul, modernisation, prefabrication and creation of pipelines. Mostostal Plock offers a range of diameters and material grades. In addition, these products also boast many environmental protection benefits.

Furthermore, in terms of erection technologies, storage tanks are another of the company’s main strengths. The organisation’s own welding technologies, with the use of modern equipment, are used by its highly qualified staff. This guarantees the successful execution of the most complicated projects. An example of Mostostal Plock’s work in this area is the installation of the biggest crude oil tank in Poland, which was built for PERN. The tank has a double floor, a double shell and a floating roof. Oil product pipelines and crude oil storage in Poland are run by the Oil Pipeline Exploitation Enterprise (PERN).

The production of industrial structures and equipment is completed in Mostostal’s structure production plant, which is a very important element of the company’s activity. The plant manufactures specialist steel structures for external customers and for use as parts of major projects carried out by the business.

As one of the strongest players in the market, Mostostal Plock places great emphasis on providing its customers with a high quality service on every project. With this is mind the company has worked hard to gain some very important certificates. In 2000, Mostostal Plock gained the quality certificate ISO 9001, which was followed in 2003 with AQAP 2120. The company has also achieved qualification certificates issued by the Office of Technical Inspection, the Polish and German Institute of Welding, the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Economy, and the Polish Register of Shipping.

Looking to the future, Mostostal Plock has plans to venture into new areas by developing additional plants and expanding into different countries. By operating within the industry for nearly 50 years, the company has gained unrivalled knowledge in the steel works market. With continuous high quality services and projects, which are completed to its clients’ requirements, the business will be able to apply its outstanding expertise to different markets and increase its presence in new challenging areas.

Mostostal Plock

Steel works
Sites: Poland and Lithuania
Employees: 620