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NELMAR Security Packaging Systems’ products are trusted worldwide by the largest banks, retailers, and armoured carriers. The company is determined to protect its customers’ currency or valuables while in transit with the help of its high-quality products

The specialist in tamper-evident security packaging, NELMAR Security Packaging Systems, is focused on quality and efficiency. “We are trusted by banks, armoured car carriers, retailers, pharmacies, and duty-free shops worldwide,” says the company’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Sam Pearl. “The majority of our business is conducted in North America, but we do have a global presence across 55 countries. We are completely vertically integrated so our entire process is conducted here in our 200,000-square-foot facility, where we support extruding the plastic film, printing, bag-making, distribution, supply chain management, and customer service. It gives us a level of flexibility, quality control and agility, which enables us to offer consistent, high-quality products to our customers,” he says.

Joining Sam in our conversation is Eric Dohrendorf, the Director of Product and Market Development, as well as Kevin Couto, the Director of Production Operations to discuss the developments currently underway at NELMAR, and how the business is an active innovator for the sustainability movement. “We serve multiple industries. Our products are used for bank deposit bags and currency shipping bags, which are primarily provided to the banking industry, and the cash-in-transit industry. They are also provided to commercial depositors, retail chains, and hospitality. We also provide tamper-evident duty-free bags for the securing of liquid, aerosols and gels, and we offer tamper-evident bags to the medical industry for the bulk shipment of different pharmaceutical products,” says Eric.

One of the key advantages of a NELMAR product, as Sam highlights, is that the packaging is 100 percent recyclable. “If it’s brought to the proper collection bins at your local curbside or store drop-off, or directly to the recycling facilities, it can be properly recycled. We are taking that next step and incorporating recycled plastic into our products to complete the circular economy via post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin. We have already done it for a few key customers, and it’s becoming more and more prevalent in terms of the demand from our client base.”

On the note of recycling, Eric highlights that Europe was first to the forefront of recycling, while North America only responded later. However, the business is seeing a significant push towards the incorporation of recycled materials, and NELMAR is taking on the responsibility to form part of the country’s sustainability solutions.

Through substantial investments into enhancing its infrastructure, the company is able to blend the best raw materials to ensure a consistent quality for each product. Owing to its ability to pivot quickly, NELMAR provides proactive services and consultations, which is one of the traits that sets the company apart. “We are not only a traditional manufacturer, we also provide a highly focused and customer-centric service. Above that, our passion for what we do and the way we do it is truly the driving force for our operation, and the key to our long-term success,” says Eric.

Recently, the business completed the development of its logo for its TE360 promise, which stands for 360 degrees of tamper-evident security, uncompromised, and can be found stamped on its FRAUDSTOPPER™ bags. This is just one of the ways in which the business is pushing the boundaries of its in-house product innovation. “We have been doing this since 1984. We have a singular focus on the development and production of tamper-evident packaging, which is why we tend to focus on developing specific features to refine the way we manufacture our products. The key points for our TE360 guarantee and services is to focus on innovation and strive for the most advanced tamper-evident technology in North America.”

We learn from the three gentlemen that another driving factor for product enhancements and developments is sourced primarily by its customer base. “Usually the characteristics of our product quality are inspired by our clients. We focus heavily on partnering with customers to develop the most efficient and secure products.

“One of the trends that is emerging in our specific industry is the integration of tamper-evident packaging into the larger infrastructure’s supply chain and its ability to support track-and-trace. As a base, our products are designed to securely transport and store highly valuable items, and show evidence of tampering should an event occur. Right now, we are seeing our products work in conjunction with intelligent systems. This means that they are not just a bag or a package, they are part of an overall solution,” Kevin says. He adds that as a result of this attention to detail, requests have come in for companies to go one step further and integrate technologies into its bags that will be able to communicate with external devices.

As more items are being purchased and shipped through online channels, it is crucial for products to remain secure until they reach the buyer. To guarantee this peace of mind, NELMAR takes pride in its bespoke tamper-evident solutions. “We don’t mass produce, rather our products are customized for each of our client’s specific processes, so we have a series of modular features that are all accessible. Depending on our customer’s needs, we will go ahead and field the appropriate bags or programs to meet their procedures. Our product will sit seamlessly within their existing system. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ solution here. By being vertically integrated and having everything under one roof, we have that flexibility to design something for each and every customer,” says Eric.

We then discuss the future of NELMAR, which, according to all three leaders, looks promising. Considering the extensive work the business has invested in to ensure its operation produces exemplary products, the goals that these leaders have set in place for growth and expansion seem highly achievable. “In terms of our short-term goals, we are really looking at going after some of the emerging markets. There are several other markets where tamper-evident packaging is just starting to come into use, and we want to platform its value, such as the food and restaurant delivery sector,” shares Kevin.

In the long term, the business will work towards making its products even more environmentally friendly and sustainable. “We’d like to manufacture stronger products using less material, and incorporating more PCR into our film formulations. We are also investigating how to create networks for the re-cooperation of the products that we make so they can be funnelled to the appropriate recycling channels,” Sam expresses. Kevin elaborates further on this idea saying, “The plan is to take the millions of deposit bags that are being used annually by financial institutions and their customers, and reincorporate and recycle them back into our products, or into items like park benches, picnic tables and other items of that nature. I think those types of initiatives are extremely interesting, and those are initiatives that NELMAR will support and continue developing with our partners.”

“The second part of our focus concerns ways in which our packaging can be used with external devices. There are going to be ways we create that make our products more intelligent, allowing them to communicate with third party programs and support track-and-trace capabilities,” he says.

With a customer-centric approach, clients of NELMAR can look also forward to an expansion on the innovative warehousing and distribution programmes, as well as online ordering services, which will be designed to take the company’s operation to the next level. “We are not just offering a product, we are offering bespoke programmes and supporting services. I think that has been key to our success for over the past few decades. While we are a single-focused manufacturing entity, there has been a clear shift to supporting customers in their sustainability and logistics goals, and we are incredibly excited to be a part of that movement,” concludes Sam.

NELMAR Security Packaging Systems
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