New opening in Texas

Near Houston, the facility has begun production of select high-volume Multi-Wing modular axial fans for engine cooling and HVACR applications. Additionally, SMARTPACK™ and CUSTOMFAN™ fan packs, from E Flow Technologies, will be manufactured in the new facility. E Flow Technologies is an entity of Multi-Wing Group.

“Multi-Wing Group is committed to providing the best possible service to our North American customers,” says Palle Linde, president of Multi-Wing America. “By opening this plant, we are able to accommodate current and future growth and improve delivery times. We also now have a facility that is closer to several key customers.”

The Houston area was selected to complement the company’s current manufacturing plant in Ohio. In addition to offering large customers in the southern United States and Mexico improved delivery times and cost savings, the location was selected because of the area’s strong labor force and friendly regulatory environment.

The same quality system that is in place in Ohio has been established in Texas. In addition to hiring new employees in the area, a few key Ohio employees have relocated to further establish and maintain the maximum continuity and quality that customers expect from Multi-Wing and E Flow.