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Pathfinder Homes Ltd designs and manufactures award winning bespoke homes for customers across the UK

Pathfinder Homes Ltd has over 60 years of experience in providing expert services in designing and building unique residential park homes and holiday lodges that aim to bring something different to the market, and the client. Its commitment to innovative design and a customer-focused approach has resulted in a number of awards for its homes, and explains why Pathfinder Homes has become a firm favourite for many across the UK. The company aims to understand what its customers want and to provide all the services needed from start-to-finish to achieve this. This explains why Pathfinder Homes’ popularity among its clients has continued to rise, which has seen its high quality and unique homes develop a growing presence within the market.

As a result of the increased demand it has expanded its facilities, which took it from operating out of one factory to a considerableincrease of three factories, and managing director Bruce Macdonald discussed the role  each has: “Factory one is used for larger or more unusual homes which go into production, and this is due to its space and ease of access for the homes. Factory two is where we build all single and standard double homes, and factory three is where all homes are internally finished.” Bruce went on to describe the benefits this system offers: “With the investment into our headquarters production has significantly increased and we are now able to build beautiful, high quality homes in shorter timescales, and continue to meet the expectations and demands of our clients.”

The expansion of the facilities is a direct result of the increase in sales of the homes, which has come from the reputation for quality and design that its homes have earned. The company thinks differently from others within the market, and it prides itself on being an innovator in its industry, and providing cutting-edge designs. In order to achieve this Pathfinder works closely with its customers from start to finish, which Bruce elaborated upon: “Our attention to detail throughout the whole process is always the thing our customers rave to us about. Hand-in-hand with our bespoke service we offer information, advice and assistance on all aspects of owning a Pathfinder home, from siting to insurance.” This helps to support the company in offering a market leading service to its customers, which allows its clients to decide as much or as little as they want of the design, build, and decoration of their bespoke home.

Another factor that assists Pathfinder Homes in providing homes of such popularity is the priority it places upon utilising the best technology, materials, and personnel, which enables it to not just meet the expectations of its customers but to exceed them. One of the most important ways it achieves this is with its purpose designed selection studio at its headquarters that allows clients to explore their vision of the home. In addition to this Pathfinder Homes boasts a large number of talented personnel that are able to guide customers through the process. Bruce emphasised the quality of its staff: “I strongly believe that our strongest asset is the people that work here. They lead the product, the service and the image, they make us unique.” Pathfinder Homes’ staff has the expertise and experience required to provide all of its customers with a home that is specifically designed for their needs and preferences.

Therefore, with such a commitment to creating great homes, and team of staff with the ability to achieve this, it comes as no surprise to know that Pathfinder Homes designs have won a number of awards. It has for the past three years been the recipient of the ‘Ultimate Lodge of the Year’ for the quality of its homes. The award was based upon votes by the public, which demonstrates that Pathfinder Homes is appealing to the most important group, the customers.

The company works hard to maintain this appeal to its customers and places their satisfaction at the heart of everything it does. One way that Pathfinder engaged with its clients is that it held a VIP weekend on the 26th and 27th November 2016. It offered them the chance to visit its headquarters and view the collection of the best homes of the year, which included four new designs. This event also involved tours of the factory and provided an opportunity to speak to members of staff at Pathfinder Homes. Furthermore, customers had a chance to see how they can create and design their very own bespoke, luxury inspired home.

The positive relationship that Pathfinder Homes fostered with its customers is essential to the success of the company and is a key factor behind it becoming an award-winning designer of high quality bespoke buildings. Pathfinder is helping to change the landscape of homes, whether for holiday and residential parks, or for private landowners. Therefore, with expanded facilities, a number of awards, and new designs, Pathfinder looks set to bring the ideal home to many more customers.

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