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Philips Oy, formerly known as Idman Oy, is part of the international Philips consortium and is Philips Lighting’s centre for lighting expertise in the Nordic countries.

Philips itself is the global leader in lighting. Daily, more than 44,000 employees worldwide keep Philips’ lighting solutions up to standard through innovations and projects in business, products and sustainability.

Beginning of this year, three Philips companies in Finland were merged to form Philips Oy; the companies that ceased to exist as legal entities due to this merge were Idman Oy and Philips MRI Finland Oy. Philips Oy is the market leader in special purpose luminaires in Finland and its craftsmanship and traditions in the Finnish lighting trade are unequalled. The company’s success is based on its lighting expertise, quality of products and services, customer-oriented thinking and a versatile range of products and services. Founded by Karl Hjalmar Idman back in 1897, the company’s main activity then was to sell lamps, glassware and porcelain. In the 1920s the business was moved from Pori to Helsinki and the company underwent a change in its constitution – Idman Oy was born. In 1929 it was said that the most presentable company in the whole of Helsinki was Idman Oy.

Today Philips Oy is an international business, offering an extensive product range, which includes the high-quality Philips indoor and outdoor luminaires, lighting control systems, optic fibre lighting, and airfield lighting systems. The number of product families in its lighting selection exceeds 100 and by combining the different versions, accessories and light source alternatives, thousands of different models can be created. Philips Oy employs almost 500 people and is operating on top of its sectors in consumer electronics, domestic appliances, consumer lamps and medical systems. It also has a competence cemtre for Magnetic Resonance R&D in Philips. Based on its standard products, Philips Oy also provides customised applications and special model types for different projects.

The Global Airfield Lighting department’s experience in the development and manufacture of customised lighting systems goes back more than 40 years. Philips Oy has, so far, provided lighting systems for almost 400 airports in more than 70 countries all over the world, and is constantly innovating in this area.

Philips Oy is a supplier of a total spectrum of airfield lighting products, ranging from individual luminaires to complete lighting systems for cat I – III operations with all supplementary equipment. All products fulfil the ICAO recommendations and comply with relevant FAA and STANAG (NATO) requirements.

A perfect example of Philips Oy’s standing and reputation in the Finnish lighting sector came recently when the company was involved in the installation of a smart lighting control system for the Helsinki Ring Road III.

This new system makes it possible to monitor and adjust the road lighting from the traffic centre. The interactivity of the system has been achieved with the help of different measuring units and detectors. Traffic flow, level of luminance and weather conditions are all monitored and reported to the traffic centre. Every luminaire is equipped with a control component, which allows adjustment of the lighting level from 40-100 per cent.

The lighting level is maintained in accordance with the traffic density. During rush hour periods the luminance level is high and when there is less traffic, the lighting is reduced. Luminance meters monitor the luminance level on the road surface and compare it to the required level.

This solution can save energy costs, in fact as much as half of the total lifespan costs of the luminaire. Any saving in energy means a saving for the taxpayer. Cost reductions are also achieved with the smart self-checking maintenance system. The service company is notified automatically of any broken component, burned lamp or energy cut.

To make this system a reality Philips Oy, as the luminaires supplier and co-ordinator of the control system development work, linked up with three other specialists. Doston Oy designed the control units, Edelcom Ltd (France) was responsible for producing the control components, and Wire Oy was the installer.

The quality of Philips Oy’s products is made up of many factors and a strict adherence to the tenets of ISO 9001, guaranteeing customers a high level of excellence with every product. The focus on quality extends into the continuous research and product development underway at Philips Oy, which in turn is guaranteed by its lighting and testing laboratories conforming to international requirements. To bring new products to the market more speedily and more efficiently, Philips Oy has re-organised its product development process, and now aims to collaborate closely with customers when developing new products.

Environmental care is an vital part of the Philips Lighting business policy and therefore it is also an integral component of Philips Oy’s business policy. Its commitment is based on the following principles: prevention at the source is better than cure, continual improvement of environmental performance opens up the way towards sustainability and product design takes into consideration the environmental effect of the product over the whole lifecycle. Philips Oy shares responsibility within the product chain to support the qualified recycling of products at the end of their useful life and applies these principles of environmental care in all its operations.

With its continuous focus on quality and regard for the environment, Philips Oy deserves its position as the leading light in the Finnish market. The company continuously makes special efforts to improve its product quality and customer service by developing manufacturing processes, materials administration, production planning and organisation. As the result of all this effort, Philips Oy’s customers can be sure of speedier and more reliable deliveries and of a prompt and accommodating response to their special requests.

Philips Oy
Products: Lighting systems
Sites: Finland
Employees: 500