Pro Tec Windows

Pro Tec sees a window of opportunity

Pro Tec Windows, one of the leading window manufacturers in Denmark, is a leading supplier of window and door solutions, and has a distribution network that spans the globe.

Established in 1993, the company has expanded to such an extent that it now employs 170 people at its two business centres, located in the UK and Denmark.

Pro Tec marketing director Nikolaj Haulrik outlines the window solutions produced by the organisation, and the scope of its operations: “The company sells two main types of products, primarily based around window façade solutions: one combines wood inside and aluminium on the outside, and the other is our new range called Pro Tec 7, which is a combination of wood inside and glass fibre reinforced polyester on the outside. We sell our products across a number of countries, most notably Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, Ireland, Iceland, and Japan, as well as having recent sales in both Holland and Canada. Our main focus areas are Northern Europe and the UK, but there are number of emerging regional markets across the world that will provide opportunities for Pro Tec. We hope to establish ourselves in emerging markets such as Russia in the future.”

The emphasis within the business is to work closely with architects and designers in creating new window façade solutions. Nikolaj explains: “Pro Tec focuses on working with architects, and we try and demonstrate the advantages of our windows to this target group. We look at selling the product to entrepreneurs and developers that are undertaking large projects such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, or office buildings. All of our window products are custom-made, which is why we so often approach and work alongside architects. We typically involve ourselves quite early in the development process of a project, so we are able to incorporate our window façade solutions in the best way possible.

“We have focused on our own niche market area within the industry, and we pride ourselves on developing highly customisable window solutions for our customers,” Nikolaj continues. “We have always created attractive façade designs, so architecturally conscious clients hold the company in high regard, and the windows are often used in building projects with specialised façade requirements. For example, unlike our competitors, we build window façades without double frames giving a very light and elegant construction.”

This drive to meet the exact needs of architectural designs has encouraged the development of the company’s new Pro Tec 7 range. Nikolaj elaborates on the progress: “The Pro Tec 7 range was generally released in May 2007, and was also launched for UK exports by the end of last year. The range took around three to four years to design, and it started after the company won a government-sponsored competition in Denmark. If we compare Pro Tec 7 to our other Pro Tec Classic range, it is important to understand that both types are very unique within the industry. Both products are highly customisable to a client’s need, which differentiates them greatly from our competitor’s products in the same market category. However, the Pro Tec 7 range has two very important features: firstly, it has an even lower profile design, which increases the glass area, and subsequentlythe light and energy coming in to a building. Secondly, using glass fibre reinforced polyester means that the windows have very low U values, and usingthis material more than doubles the insulations properties of the window in comparison to wood aluminium frames.

“The Pro Tec 7 range is a dramatically better insulator, and we calculate that by using these windows compared to wood aluminium windows with the same glass, the energy consumption of an average housing can be reduced by around 27 per cent,” Nikolaj continues. “There is a swing towards using products that are energy efficient, and the Pro Tec 7 range is a perfect example of this move. These windows are one of the first products to combine high levels of energy efficiency with an aesthetically pleasing design. The competition within the ultralow energy window segment does not use the low profile style that we have, and we recently won the 2007 product award from a leading Danish publication for the design of Pro Tec 7 range.”

With lowering carbon emissions on everyone’s minds at this time, Pro Tec is aiming to increase its development of environmentally sound window solutions. Nikolaj describes the company’s vision of the future: “Our focus in the next two to three years will be primarily on Pro Tec 7, and we believe that this will be one of the major growth areas within the company, alongside other low energy products. Climate change and CO2 emissions are everyone’s concern across the globe, and products of this type are of great importance. We will also focus a lot on export opportunities, and we will aim at developing our presence in these new market areas.”

Pro Tec Windows

Products: Windows
Sites: UK and Denmark
Employees: 170