Quinn Plastics

Quinn offers strength through diversity

Quinn Plastics, formerly known as Barlo Plastics, is Europe’s foremost supplier of transparent plastic sheet products.

The company offers a range of industrial and domestic products that are used mainly in the advertising, point-of-sale, sanitary ware and construction sectors. Applications of Quinn’s products range from simple picture framing through to complex construction projects, such as sound barrier systems.

Barlo Plastics was created in 1998 by the merger of four plastic sheet producers and further expanded by another four sheet extrusion companies in 1999 and 2000. In 2004 Barlo Plastics was acquired by the Quinn Group and renamed as Quinn Plastics. Through this combination of acquisitions and organic growth, the company has established a leadership position in the European market.

The company has operating facilities in Germany, the UK, Spain, France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, as well as sales and support operations in all major European countries. Quinn Plastics is a member of the Quinn Group of companies.

Headquartered in Derrylin in Northern Ireland, the privately owned Quinn Group is one of Ireland’s most successful companies with a proven track record in the diverse industries it has ventured into: cement and concrete products, container glass, general insurance, radiators, plastics and real estate.

All of Quinn Plastics’ sheet materials are made under ISO quality standards, and are constantly developed to ensure the highest possible performance. Each production facility has a dedicated quality manager and team who ensure that production meets the required standards. The company has also invested significantly in the most modern production control methods to enable all relevant guarantees to be provided as standard. Furthermore, Quinn is proud of its commitment to the environment and is able to reuse over 95 per cent of waste in the production process. The remainder of the waste is recycled into commercial packaging material.

Quinn Plastics plays a leading role in supplying sheet materials to major sanitary equipment manufacturers throughout Europe. From a simple glazed panel for a shower cabin, or the tub for a Jacuzzi – Quinn has a product, which is suitable for any need. The company also supplies major retail groups throughout Europe with sheet materials that are fabricated into point-of-sale units, lighting controllers, cash register guards and newspaper vending towers.

Furthermore, Quinn Plastics’ external grade products carry warranties on their weather durability, impact performance and life expectancy. The company works closely with its suppliers and develops long-term relationships with them, which is one of the key contributing factors to the success of the business. Working with leading raw material suppliers enables Quinn to develop products with enhanced strength characteristics that make them suitable for specific application areas.

Quinn Plastics’ aim is to become the one-stopshop for transparent plastic sheet products, dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction. Working towards this goal, Quinn’s SPC Multiwall Polycarbonate glazing sheets have recently been accredited with the British Board of Agrément (BBA) certificate. The BBA is the UK’s major approval body for new construction products and installers. Its Agrément Certificates are recognised by specifiers and other industry decision-makers as proof that the products covered by it have been rigorously assessed. This certificate underlines Quinn’s commitment to high quality production.

The SPC Multiwall Polycarbonate glazing sheets are designed for use as roof glazing in areas such as greenhouses, horticultural buildings and conservatories for domestic, industrial and commercial installations. Tests confirm that Quinn’s SPC sheets (16, 25, 32 and 35 millimetre), when used in a suitable structural specification, can resist distributed loads up to 1.5 kN m sq and point loads up to 1.8 kN. When installed, Quinn SPC sheets have an acceptable maximum deflection of five per cent and a critical deflection of seven per cent of the width of the sheet. The sheets also have a good resistance to impact from hard bodies such as hailstones or impacts due to vandalism, such as, for example, objects thrown onto the roof from ground level.

Continuing to look at the company’s product range, Quinn Plastics has recently announced the introduction of six new colours to its portfolio of CAST design products, bringing the number of colour specifications available to 18. The new colours are Mexican orange, Village green, Nordic blue, Parma violet, Petra rose and Glacier green. Quinn’s CAST design products are known industrywide for their scratch-resistant qualities and their ability to endure markings caused by fingerprints.

In addition to offering a clean and modern finish to in-store displays and signage, the products’ textured surface reinforces brightness and subtly filters light. The introduction of the new range of colours will further allow designers to colour coordinate interior layouts to meet the required specifications of their clients.

Quinn Plastics is strongly committed to customer service and will continually enhance its product range while offering specialised advice for the most diverse applications. The Quinn philosophy is simple – the company continuously strives to provide customers with premium quality products and a top class service at a competitive price. To achieve this, a strong commitment to investment in new technology is fundamental throughout the whole group. Whether it is in its manufacturing plants, administration areas, improved technology or people – it is paramount to ensure high quality output.

Quinn Plastics
Products: Transparent plastic sheets
Sites:Northern Ireland (HQ), Germany,
Spain, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and the UK
Employees: 700 worldwide