Ranor Inc.

Specializing in precision large-scale metal fabricating and machining, Ranor serves the aerospace, defense, nuclear and industrial markets. Ranor Inc. was founded in 1956 by Robert A. Normandin Sr. and began operations in an 18,000-square-foot manufacturing space in Fitchburg, Mass.

The company’s reputation for fabricating and machining demanding parts on time quickly spread and its customer base soon expanded to include OEMs in the steam turbine, papermaking and machine tool industries. By 1975, Ranor had outgrown its original facility and moved to its present location in Westminster, Mass.

Ranor’s fast turnaround time and its approach to working with its customers’ representatives created more opportunities for the company. Numerous expansions to both its facilities and Ranor’s capabilities ensued. Those expansions included alternative energy, nuclear, medical, defense, aerospace and industrial markets.

We are proud to offer our customers customized services and integrated turnkey solutions for complete products requiring fabrication and machining as well as assembly, inspection and testing, the company explains. Ranor is committed to working with its customers to manufacture their products using the most efficient and precise methods possible. We have earned our reputation through outstanding technical expertise, attention to detail and a total commitment to quality and excellence.

Ranor enjoys a reputation as a precision fabricating and machining facilities in the United States. Situated on 65 acres in north central Massachusetts, the company’s 125,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is the home for state-of-the-art equipment unique to the industry. We’ve earned our reputation through outstanding technical expertise, flawless attention to detail, total commitment to quality and excellence in customer service, Ranor says. We’re proud to offer our customers customized services and a one-stop shop for complete products requiring both fabricating and machining. Ranor is committed to working with its customers to manufacture their parts in the most efficient and precise ways possible.

Ranor is an end-to-end solution provider with the ability to engineer the requisite tooling and the entire manufacturing process for each respective production program, fabricate, machine, assemble, test and deliver large-scale projects with tight tolerance levels. Ranor is also one of the few facilities in the U.S. with certifications and authorizations issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), which allow the design and construction of commercial nuclear equipment, nuclear storage and transportation equipment.

Ranor’s No Brainer

Happy, satisfied customers tend to become repeat customers and that’s exactly what Ranor has stressed customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers whether internal or external are essential to our success, the company exclaims. We are committed to continuous improvement by embracing education and growth. We provide quality products and services for all stakeholders.

The firm also values its employees by treating them with openness and respect. In turn, it says, the employees respond by giving their best.We operate with honesty and integrity,Ranor adds.

Quality assurance is just another way Ranor keeps its customers happy. We maintain a quality assurance program consistent with various requirements specified by our customers, Ranor states. Our quality culture and discipline has evolved over the years by establishing working relationships with our customers, to assure that our products are of the highest quality.

The quality assurance program is maintained to assure all functions and requirements relating to administration, fabrication, examination, testing, identification, verification and auditing are executed to the highest standards. According to the company, the program is in compliance with:

  • – ASME Code Section III, Division 1 and Section III, Division 3;
  • – ASME Sections I and VIII Division 1, B31.1;
  • – The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors;
  • – Certain nuclear safety specifications; and
  • – Certain military specifications.
It’s Ranor Services

Since its founding in 1956, Ranor has looked ahead to find new ways to satisfy its customers and seek out new sectors to expand into. One of the more recent industries it has entered is commercial nuclear. For this industry, Ranor provides outage equipment, which includes temporary reactor heads, work platforms and equipment carousels. The company also offers waste storage and transportation casks and canisters; handling and lifting equipment; transport packaging casks; disposal casks reactor and reactor heads; pump components and bases; and pressure vessels.

For the government and defense industry, Ranor provides sonar housings and fairings, vertical launch missile tubes, fuel cell domes for commercial booster cores, national laboratory projects, submarine components, steam accumulator tanks for aircraft carriers, vacuum and laser components and vessels, magnetic motor prototypes, gun mounts and ammo handling equipment, and antenna components.

Ranor also provides test equipment for aircraft engines; metal for art sculptures; fabricated keel for racing yacht; motion control systems for commercial marine transports; petroleum byproduct mixers; aerospace engine and large airframe components; target mirror structures; pressure vessels and components; and material handling components.

Machining and fabricating services include engineering, production control and welding. Its capabilities include CAD/CAM designing, cutting, forming, welding, assembling and finishing. Cutting can be done on 22-inch-thick steel and 7-inch-thick stainless and non-ferrous materials. Hydraulic shearing also can be performed on 1-inch-thick or 20-foot-wide carbon steel and ?-inch-thick or 20-foot-wide stainless steel. Fabrication service is available for materials including carbon steels, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, Inconel, Monel, nickel and nickel alloys.