Renco Machine Co. Inc.

After 50 years, some companies might let their dedication to business values slacken. But according to owner Rick Renard, that’s just not the case at Renco Machine Co. Inc., a family business that believes in values such as quality, integrity and honesty.

“It has always been [our policy] to provide customers with products that meet or exceed all applicable standards and specifications for quality, reliability and safety,” he said in a statement. “Our business philosophy at Renco is to provide our customers with a superior product at a competitive price in a timely manner.”

Based in Green Bay, Wis., Renco Machine says it stands as one of the nation’s leading industrial machine shops, which has long-lasting relationships with customers across the United States. Founders Donald and Sandra Renard started the company in 1963.

According to the firm, inspiration for the company came from Donald Renard’s father, John, who invented the log saw in the mid-1950s. Initially, Renco Machine began as a small fabrication shop in a garage and has since grown into a full-service custom job shop.

“With five decades of experience in the machining industry, we take pride in the expertise of all our employees, the capabilities of our equipment and our facilities,” Rick Renard said. “We strive to expand our capabilities and upgrade our equipment in an effort to better serve our customers.”

According to Renard, Renco’s operations include a full-time quality assurance department, a Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring machine and a Nikon Metris MCA.II portable CMM arm that checks its work before shipping. “At Renco, we stress quality awareness within our plant, and we are continually training our operators and supervisors in inspection procedures,” he said.

Longtime Supplier

Renco Machine has deep roots in multiple sectors, including the paper milling and converting industry, which it was born out of, it says. “Our unique understanding of the industry and agile response time have made us the go-to supplier of some of the nation’s largest paper companies,” Renco Machine declares.

“When time is money, we have the ability to get a broken production line back in operation with ‘whatever-it-takes’ speed,” the company says. “From rush rolls to designing and installing entire double-deck production lines, Renco Machine Co. has the technology, experience and in-stock materials to positively impact [the customer’s] business.”

Renco Machine also has supplied military parts for years. “As a Department of Defense-approved supplier, we design and manufacture critical equipment for the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army,” it says. “Our facility ensures the tight security and the utmost confidentiality for high-level government contract work.”

Renco Machine also has supplied the U.S. auto industry for decades. “We have the capability for making complicated automotive parts as well as retooling dyes for the manufacturing process,” it says.

The firm also has strong roots in the food sector, after gaining “experience in building everything from integral food-grade parts to entire production lines, including sheeting machines, packaging folders and fillers, and die cutters,” it says. “Our customers lead the cheese, meat, gum, confectionery and baking industries.”

Renco Machine has served the agriculture market for several generations, as well. “As a trusted supplier to the top agriculture brands around the world, we have been instrumental in prototyping casting and manufacturing the likes of wheel hubs, gearbox housing and suspension frames for tractors and harvesting equipment,” it says.

The firm also has expertise in supplying foundry replacement parts. “For over 50 years, we have helped design, maintain and service foundries and pattern shops all across the United States, with parts including pattern plates, side clamps, PMC rails, camp strips and much more,” it says. “We can also offer customized parts built to [the client’s] specifications and shipped in a timely manner.”

Problem Solvers

Marine clients also have put their trust in Renco Machine. “From drive shafts to engine housing, our products deliver a combination for precision performance with rugged engineering,” the company says.

As it has served the energy sector, Renco Machine utilizes new technology, such as magnetic wind generators. “We are always looking for a better way to make parts,” it says. “With vast experience in other industries, we can apply our technology and imagination to solving problems in the oil, gas and wind energy industries.”

The mining industry also depends on Renco Machine, the company says. “We can assist in the design of prototypes and produce specialized parts for mining trucks, drilling machinery and excavation equipment,” it says.