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Breaking the mould

With a portfolio of more than 140 products, Romi Machines UK has sold and serviced over 3000 injection moulding machines in the UK and abroad since its inception in 1975

Originally Sandretto UK, Romi Machines UK was established in 1975, selling and servicing more than 3000 injection moulding machines in the UK and Europe before becoming part of the Romi Group in 2014. “Romi Group is a Brazilian based company, however its founder, Emilio Romi, is of Italian descent; he emigrated to Brazil 80 years ago and has sgrown the business into a £300 million – £400 million company, which is still family controlled. Romi produces a range of products including CNC machining centres such as vertical milling machines, lathes, turning centres and injection moulding machines. We cover a wide range of industries, from aerospace, automotive, engineering, packaging and building to medical and oil and gas, so it is a very diverse market place that we serve. Within these sectors, the machining centre market is our core business area,” begins Neil Bathard, National Sales Manager at Romi Machines UK.

Today the company manufactures, services and sells plastic injection moulding machines and CNC machine tools; the former of which range from 70 tonnes to 1500 tonnes, while the latter starts with precision tool room teach lathes and continues through to extra heavy duty lathes that are designed for the challenging oil and gas industry. Committed to keeping all of its Sandretto machines up and running with both spare parts and a growing team of qualified engineers, the company retains more than £1.2 million of stock, thus offering customers a broad range of superior products that are manufactured to the highest of standards.

Recent projects for the company include delivering a new EN 600 injection moulding system to BSA Mouldings, one of the UK’s biggest independent trade moulding companies, in October 2015. This product replaces a Sandretto Series 7 machine and was chosen for its technological prowess, energy efficiency and precision; it also offers greater flexibility in tool size. BSA Mouldings has 13 injection moulding machines, 12 of which are Romi-Sandretto machines ranging from 130 tonnes to 1300 tonnes.

Following this project, the company announced it had completed a project for Suscom Industries in November 2015. This contract involved the installation of two new plastic injection moulding machines with full automation robotics, which will enhance the output of five star office chair bases while also ensuring products can be made at a price that is competitive with China. Noted for their energy efficiency and quality, the advantages of using simple-to-use Romi Primax 600 R plastic injection moulding machines were key to Romi Machines UK being awarded the contract. Additionally, it was also the company’s willingness to bring together a six-strong supplier list and to project manage the design to installation work in a swift and efficient manner that swung it for Suscom.

“Romi Machines UK has the technical ability to manage special projects because of the support and team work of our suppliers: Isocool, Jenco, Kawasaki & Sepro Robotics, Evershed and Ultrapolymers. This is why Wigan-based Suscom International turned to Romi when it wanted to bring the manufacture of office furniture equipment back in-house with the establishment of a completely new moulding facility. Meanwhile, Kings Lynn based BSA Mouldings Ltd is a high quality moulder that uses Romi for its investment in injection moulding machines to remain competitive in the market,” explains Neil.

A core attribute to the company’s technical ability is its continuous investment in research and development, which it believes will lead to further growth and market success. “The R&D department will be launching a new control system on the plastic moulding machines with improved graphics, greater control over the moulding process. This enhanced reliability and repeatability will save on material and reduced waste. There will also be internet wireless control, offering the ability to access machines outside of business premises and motion machines in operation outside of working hours,” says Neil.

In addition to this soon-to-be-released innovative system, the company has a wealth of products within its portfolio that it exhibits at events such as the Open House event that took place on May 18th and 19th this year. “Our Open House event at Rugby showed the C420 lathe, D range milling centres, GL machining centre, EN 100 T, EN 170 T and EN 380 T plastic injection moulding machines, along with our key suppliers in cooling, robotics, ancillaries, hot runners, tool making and streamoulding material saving system,” notes Neil. “We will also be exhibiting at the PDM show in Telford on June 14th and 15th, where we will be showing our EN 70 T hydraulic plastic injection machine.” Romi Machines UK was also exhibiting its high quality machine tools and machinery at MACH 2016 in April.

With a range of more than 140 products and a focus on enhancing machinery and technology in line with market trends and customer demand, Romi Machines UK and its clients will remain strong in a difficult market, as Neil concludes: “The market has been challenging around the world as industries recover from the global recession, however, by investing in our machinery and technology, customers in different sectors can continue to grow. Our focus over the coming years is to improve, develop and grow our service, so we can support our customers with the level of commitment they expect and receive. We will also be seeking opportunities to boost new business in all sectors of manufacturing with the Romi brand.”

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