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Rotpunkt, Rabe and Meyer Küchen GmbH produces kitchens that are designed to reflect the latest trends in markets across the world

The family owned company Rotpunkt, Rabe & Meyer Küchen GmbH produces high quality kitchens with the latest manufacturing technology at its main factory and headquarters, located at subsidiary plants in Löhne and Preußisch Oldendorf. The management at the company continues the tradition of specialised manufacturing processes, extensive product range and reliability of quality and logistics.

The company has recently unveiled plans for a large amount of investments, and what these entailed was laid out by managing director Andreas Wagner: “We expect it to be between seven million and eight million euros over the course of the next five years, and this will go into new machinery that will help to improve what we do. It will also be going into a new plant, and we are already several weeks into the building process, having just laid the concrete Rotpunktfoundations. In addition to this we are also planning on creating a new showroom that will be 3000 square metres instead of the existing 1000 square metre one, and it’ll be located at the front of the factory and will be a way to add to our products visibility.”

Rotpunkt demonstrates a close relationship with its customers, and this is from the design phase of a product, right up to the delivery of it. There are many examples of this at the business, and Andreas discussed some of these: “We are very close to our customers and work with them on product development, in order to help realise new designs. Even recently we have had a number of customers – particularly from Britain – visit us here in Germany. It has been an opportunity to discuss with them various aspects of our products, as well as to talk through the development process, and how it might relate to their market in particular. The information we gain from these interactions helps to guide our actions, whether that is in relatively small factors that relate to a part of the kitchen design, or larger ones that will affect how we build our manufacturing facilities. We want there to be a fluid, efficient, and clear plan to how our new plant will be able to produce the right kinds of products, not just for the current trends, but for those of the future.”

Another way in which Rotpunkt positions itself closer to its customers is that it has its own fleet of trucks, which Andreas highlighted: “An important factor in my opinion is that we have our own trucks to deliver our kitchens to the end customer, and that is not very common in the kitchen industry. There are 20 trucks within the fleet at the moment, and there is the possibility for more.”

For Rotpunkt, the export market plays a large role in its annual turnover, and on this Andreas stated: “We make about 80 per cent of our turnover in the export market, and the most important markets for us are the Netherlands and Belgium, followed by Britain. As well as Scandinavia – our products are very popular across the whole region of Scandinavia, and there is also the German market, which is within the top areas we deliver our products to.”

In regards to the products themselves, there is a diverse selection to choose from, and it is continuously working on developing and designing new kitchens. Rotpunkt products are geared towards both the high-end and middle level consumer, however it is not, and does not attempt to be, a competitor to flat pack options. The company goes to great lengths to satisfy the wishes of its customers, and Andreas elaborated: “We try to make products especially for our different foreign markets, and we do make a lot of tailor made articles – we produce all our products in batch size one, and we work closely with our customers, as it seems pointless to make kitchens that our customers do not want.”

The environment is becoming an increasingly significant concern for those within the manufacturing industry along with its customers, and Rotpunkt has demonstrated its proactive approach with the latest development of GreenLine. This innovation reduces wood consumption, while also improving the product function and customer experience, and in regards to this new product Andreas said: “Last year we launched a new product called GreenLine made of bioboard, which is a new chip board that we use, and it is based upon wood but we remove about 37 per cent of the wood out of the chipboard during the panel making process, and replace it with a popcorn substance. The result of this means that chipboard is not as dense and therefore makes it lighter, and the GreenLine helps to produce more environmentally friendly products. This really is a very important and interesting development, and can create a strong selling point with customers.”

Rotpunkt is already considered a reliable manufacturer of high quality kitchens, but it is increasingly making investments to ensure that it is able to meet growing demand, expanding markets, and changing trends. The company is not afraid of making dynamic improvements, such as its GreenLine product, however it also retains some of the core attitudes of a family business – such as having its own trucks to deliver to the end customer. With the addition of Rotpunkt’s investments, it will no doubt help continue the company’s success, and take its kitchens to even more customers across the world

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