Sefako turns up the heat

Sefako is one of the largest manufacturers of power generating boilers in Poland.

Since it was formed in 1974, the company has manufactured over 7000 boilers and thousands of tons of boiler parts, as well as other power generating equipment. Boilers with the Sefako logo can be found in heating and power plants all over the country, as well as in a number of industrial plants, such as food processing and wood processing plants, breweries and distilleries. Various types of the company’s boilers are fired with coal, liquid or gas fuels. The business also produces units, which can be adapted to burn biomass.

The production of Sefako boilers is based on its own designs or on documentation supplied by its clients. Among Sefako’s clients are both domestic and foreign companies, mainly from Denmark, Finland, France and Germany. Currently, export orders constitute about 80 per cent of the company’s production. Sefako also works in partnership with leading European companies in the power generating industry. The technical equipment Sefako uses, as well as its production processes, is fully comparable with the standards of leading European boiler manufacturers.

The company’s product range is comprised of water-tube boilers, flue and smoke tube boilers and boiler parts. This is complimented further by an outstanding after-sales service and long-lasting guarantees. The Sefako boiler is manufactured using modern techniques, which guarantee consistent high quality. The water-tube boilers are produced using gas tight walls and longitudinal fins on the heated surfaces. The company offers two types of water-tube boilers – WR and OR type.

During 2006, the Sefako design office decided to invest heavily in the development of WR and OR boilers in order to become more competitive in the market place. The introduction of membrane walls has made the boilers stronger and has increased their lifetime. Other benefits include, low electricity consumption, modern user-friendly control systems and high efficiency.

A vast majority of water-tube industrial boilers have been operating for approximately 100,000 hours and for many of these their designed lifetime is reaching an end. If a company was to continue using them when they reach this point efficiency will slow down and operating costs will increase. To replace a boiler is an expensive process, therefore Sefako has taken this into consideration and has developed services, which modernise boilers. This solution extends the boiler’s lifetime and ensures it complies with all recent environmental protection standards.

In addition to specially designed boilers and modernisation, Sefako also produces pressure parts for all types of power generating boilers. These include membrane walls, heaters, economisers and steel structures and ducts. The main advantages of using Sefako for any pressure part need includes high quality, short production times and on-time deliveries, every time.

One of the secrets to Sefako’s success is the quality of its products and services. The company’s quality policy looks to satisfy clients’ needs by providing the right product or service. This task is achieved by ensuring the end product is delivered on time with the highest degree of care, supported by all required certificates and approvals. The policy also ensures the company is continually in close contact with its clients and that their opinions concerning their products are taken into consideration. In addition to this, Sefako has achieved the quality management system ISO 9001.

The company’s quality policy also tracks new production processes, and looks at the implementation of new technical solutions at the stage of designing, manufacturing and delivery to the client. In addition, the quality policy monitors where investments into new modern machinery are needed, as well as maintaining existing machinery and ensuring the plant is in good technical condition.

For Sefako, ensuring that it has a happy and hardworking workforce is extremely important. Constant training is given to all employees, which as a result improves their professional qualifications and provides them with great job satisfaction. The company also offers excellent job opportunities, enabling employees already working within the company to move up the ladder rather than bringing in new people.

Until recently, medium-sized boilers were Sefako’s specialty but the company has recently adopted a new strategy, which focuses more on the production of larger power generating boilers. Thanks to new investments in machinery and the constant improvement of the employees’ qualifications, Sefako has now started to produce some of its biggest steam boilers yet.

Today, the company is looking to continue investing in its manufacturing equipment for the next two years. As a result, Sefako will strengthen its position as one of the biggest boiler manufacturers in Europe. The business will also continue investing in the training of its workforce in order to increase the knowledge and expertise of each employee, therefore improving its overall customer service. Looking to the future, Sefako plans to continue producing high quality products, which cater for the needs of its clients.


Products: Boilers and pressure parts
Sites: Poland
Employees: 1200