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Known and trusted by leading companies across the United States and internationally, STARC Systems delivers great looking, reusable, temporary containment solutions that are also now helping combat the spread of Covid-19

Eliminating the disruption of renovation. That is the primary goal that drives Brunswick, Maine-based company STARC Systems (STARC). Established in 2012, its founder Tim Hebert was always concerned with the amount of dust, debris, and time needed to build temporary containment on sensitive or patient occupied healthcare renovation projects. It was through this that he identified an opportunity to create a better solution than traditional drywall.

“As a contractor in the healthcare sector, Tim was all too aware of just how wasteful the traditional drywall containment was, in terms of both time and costs, and how disruptive it was to the facility when later tearing it down and throwing it into a landfill,” explains STARC CEO, Chris Vickers. “What he came up with was a reusable, telescopic, modular panel system that can be used in a variety of applications, not only in the healthcare arena, but also in markets such as corporate offices, airports, data centers, biotech facilities, and educational institutions.”

The original patented design would go on to become known as RealWall™. Named as such for its real wall appearance and construction, it remains the premier containment solution on the market, and the only system of its kind that is sound attenuating, reducing renovation noise by up to 50 percent. “RealWall™ is the premier solution available today,” Chris confirms. “It features a durable three-layer construction, a rugged galvanized steel back, sound attenuating foam core and a clean, white painted aluminum front face. Its ease of installation – with a simple lift and drop panel connection – means that two people can install 100-feet of wall in as little as one hour.”

The more recent addition to STARC’s product range is its equally impressive LiteBarrier™ system, which is the most durable and easiest to use containment solution n the lightweight category. “We knew from speaking to our customers that there was a need for a slimmer, more lightweight durable partition at lower upfront price for projects that don’t require noise reduction,” Chris continues. “LiteBarrier’s™ anodized aluminum frame and fibreglass-reinforced polymer partitions feature lift and drop airtight panel connections. Like RealWall™, LiteBarrier™ comes with a multi-year warranty and has been equally as well received by our customers.”

With the temporary modular containment market being a relatively new one – Chris believes it is about ten years old – it makes the growth and success of STARC and its products all the more impressive. This is especially the case when seeing that the company has now been listed on the Inc. 5000 list of the United States’ fastest-growing private companies for the last two years. Its most recent listing in August 2020 comes as STARC has posted three-year growth of an incredible 438 per cent.

“When the company was first started, very few people knew that this type of product even had the potential to exist. A lot of education was needed to demonstrate the benefits of modular containment,” Chris says. “In 2018, we made big investments in both marketing and our sales organization across the country. That, I believe, was one of the key drivers in helping to inform healthcare and non-healthcare contractors of the value of modular containment and unique STARC solutions.”

With its panels being capable of creating instant negative pressure isolation rooms at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, STARC found itself inundated with more and more requests for its systems. Having been deemed an ‘essential’ business back in March 2020, the company refocused all of its production on instant isolation solutions to dramatically increase the number of units available for healthcare facilities, helping to protect more healthcare workers and patients, and reduce the spread of Covid-19.

“The demand for our solutions required us to effectively triple our production volumes in the space of around four weeks,” Chris reveals. “As it would happen, we found that the challenge posed by this really raised our game. Our team did a fabulous job in reacting to what have been unprecedented times.”

STARC’s efforts in helping to fight the spread of Covid-19 in healthcare settings have also received a boost this year, with the company being one of ten applicants to be selected for investment by Maine Technology Institute (MTI) from its state-funded Maine Technology Asset Fund 2.5. The award will help fund automated manufacturing equipment to reduce machining bottlenecks, manage a larger, more complex product assortment, and increase the availability of equipment and labor for R&D on isolation-specific solutions.

The company is understandably excited about the award, as it knows that innovation has been – and will continue to be – vital to its success. “We realize that everything begins with solving the pain points of our customers. We spend time with our customers understanding the environment they operate in, what their needs are and how our solutions can be of help,” Chris adds. “We have several innovative solutions in development that we are very enthusiastic about.”

As the company looks ahead to 2021, Chris says that STARC intends to make further investments across the business, while looking to increase its market share in different industry segments as well as internationally. “Longer-term,” he notes, “our vision will continue to focus on innovative solutions that help make facilities safer. Given recent events, everyone in the world has significantly more need for infection control. We are one of a select group of businesses that have answers to these challenges.”

STARC Systems
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