Sumgait Technologies Park

Building the future

Sumgait Technologies Park is an extremely diversified place, where the latest technology breakthroughs are met with innovative solutions and backed with vast experience. It’s a unique complex with large scale production facilities that contributes to the sustainable growth of the Azerbaijan economy

The President of Azerbaijan Republik Ilham Aliyev launched Sumgait Technologies Park on 22nd December in 2009. It is a unique project in the region and is able to satisfy the requirements of the domestic market as well as the foreign market. The establishment of such an industrial centre in Sumgait City is not only a boost in economic development of Azerbaijan, but also is a restoration of the historical traditions of Sumgait founded as an industrial centre in the Caucasus. More than 4500 people are currently employed in the production and construction-installation fields of the organisation. After the launch of all planned plants, it is expected that the facility will employ around 10,000 people. All production facilities are equipped with the best technological equipment manufactured in Europe where raw materials are imported from the leading producers. All its factories are equipped with the latest laboratories manufactured predominantly in Western Europe and accredited to AZS ISO/IEC 17025-2009 standard.

New enterprises are established on the basis of equipment based on high standards and up-to-date technologies. Devices and equipment used in the production process are products of the leading manufacturers of the world. Therefore, finished products are of high quality. Currently, 25,000 kinds of power and communication cables, specially designated plastic pipes and fittings, other polymeric products, several types of technical gasses, sandwich panels, aluminium composite sheets, ventilation pipes and fittings, trailers and semi-trailers for trucks, specially designated metal constructions, electrical equipment, solar collectors and other products are manufactured at the enterprise. All production areas are equipped with accredited laboratories and all products are verified with the certificates of compliance. In addition, international management standards ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 are applied at the enterprise.

Sumgait Technologies Park participates on a number of large projects in the country, including the construction and installation of electric power stations and social facilities. It carried out the manufacturing and installation of the metal constructions for National Flagg Square, Baku Olympic Stadium, Ismayilli Bicycle Manufacturing Plant, and many other developments. The company also has further plans to support a number of upcoming national projects, which will place it as a leading supplier of its high-quality industrial products.

The company has a large number of plants within Sumgait Technologies Park, the extensive list includes: cable plant, polymeric products plant, heavy machinery building plant, electrical equipment plant, fine mechanics plant, pressing plant, technical gasses plant, copper and aluminium electro technical rods production, hot dip galvanizing plant, sandwich panel plant, and ventilation systems production.

Sumgait Technologies Park clearly provides for a wide variety of industries, and further information about some of these demonstrates just how advanced the company’s services are. Its cable plant is one of the largest plant in the region, and it utilises high quality equipment from technologically advanced countries to be used in the production process in the enterprise. Only high quality raw materials, and those supplied by the leading companies of the world are used at the plant. It also only employs highly qualified specialists with wide background experience – for this reason, and many more, it means that the cable plant can be called the enterprise of the future.

Another area of Sumgait Technologies Park is the polymeric products plant, which is also one of the largest manufacturing industrial enterprises of the region, and has been in operation since 2009. This area of the company is one of the most innovative, it utilises the latest technologies made in Germany, Austria, Italy and other European countries, as well as using some of the best-known raw material manufacturers such as Borealis, Bayer, Total, and many others. All of which enable the production of market leading plastic pipes, plastic fittings, wrapped and polymeric composite pipes, and a wide number of other polymeric based products.

Another major part of the company is the heavy machinery-building plant. Sumgait Technologies Park can boast a plant with the utmost equipment – that was installed in 2010. This section of the business provides machine building, casting, mechanical processing, crane fabrication, technical processing, smithery, manufacturing, and installation sites.

There is a number of facets to what Sumgait Technologies Park has to offer – the most important thing is that, the company provides to the highest standards, with certifications, and utilising the latest technology, as well as experienced employers and skilled personnel. Having developed itself from a recent starting date, it has managed to achieve rapid growth, and created a modern collection of facilities, that can supply and support the latest developments in this quickly developing area. No doubt, Sumgait Technologies Park will play a central role in many of the major projects in the region.

Sumgait Technologies Park
Products: Electrical equipment, cables, machine building, polymeric products, steel fabrication, hot galvanizing, overhead cranes, sandwich panels, PVC windows, technical gases, solar collectors and powder coating