Tandom Metallurgical Group Ltd

Strides ahead

Unprecedented levels of growth define the short history for Tandom as it leads the way in an expanding and ever-diversifying market.

Having been founded in 2008 from the merging of AL Resources Ltd and Integrali Ltd, both successful trading companies dealing in all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scraps, and later Chinook Sciences LLC, Tandom has experienced unprecedented levels of growth to become an industry leader. Dealing in the processing tolling and trading of recycled metal, the company offers a whole range of processes for aluminium, used drink cans, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, drosses and stainless steel applications. Indicating the level of growth earned by the company, Tandom has grown from 10 to 85 employees since its establishment and currently forecasts to turnover £70 million in its seventh year, £30 million of which is to export markets. It has also featured regularly in the Sunday Times Fast Track and International Track, for the fastest growing companies in overseas sales, and achieved the number one spot for the latter in 2014.

Tandom has an extensive offering of services when it comes to its recycling capabilities, namely: melting, shredding, baling, toll conversion and factory clearance. However as Managing Director, Tom Muir explains, it is not solely the recycling that has rewarded the company with its success but its diversification within the sector. “This diversification takes the form of supplying recycled die-casting alloys to the automotive industry, processing used aluminium beverage cans for recycling and processing copper bearing scrap and stainless steel scraps mainly for export to continental Europe, China and India,” he says. “We also produce specialist alloys for use in the primary aluminium sector as well as offering a toll melting facility to other metal melting companies whereby we recover metal from their furnace residue, which could otherwise be consigned for landfill.” With such an extensive range of processes in place, a diverse range of machinery with the capabilities to melt, blend and recycle materials has been brought into the company’s facilities.

Current market conditions are partly responsible for Tandom’s considerable few years as the manufacturing industry becomes increasingly aware of the need to recycle and the benefits associated with using recycled material, and there has been a particular surge of demand in the aluminium sector. As such, the company has processed over 50,000 tonnes of metal over the last 12 months. “Although it has required a great deal of investment in terms of plant and processing equipment this diversification provides us with some degree of protection from the vagrancies of each individual sector, for example the downturn in automotive production in 2008/2009,” expresses Tom. “In this way we hope to maintain a steady level of growth in terms of turnover and profitability over the coming years whilst minimising the risks associated with any downturn within any of the individual sectors.”

Whilst adopting this strategy has been central to Tandom achieving the levels of recent growth, perhaps even more core is the level of experience supplied to it by its level of in-house expertise. “The key to the success of this strategy is very much down to the people,” outlines Tom. “We have a team of people with great expertise and many years’ experience in each of the sectors in which we operate. These are people who are very well known and very much respected within the industry. This experience and expertise is very important to us in terms of giving confidence to our trading partners and customers when dealing with Tandom.”

Based on the rapidly earned success that precedes it, the future for Tandom looks bright. “All in all we are very happy with what we have achieved in the few short years since the company’s inception but even more importantly we are very excited by the possibilities of more of the same over the coming years,” says Tom. “We have very recently obtained planning permission to develop our recently acquired four acre site, which adjoins to our existing Congleton site. Whilst there will be no actual production here, it will allow us to expand our metal trading activities in the North West to hopefully replicate the success of our Birmingham trading operation in terms of export sales.”

By continuing to take advantage of the in-depth knowledge and specialist facilities present at Tandom, the company is in a strong position to extend its lead in the market. Combine this with its dedication to quality product, service and unrivalled growth, and it is clear that Tandom is taking positive strides on the path to success. “Our aim is to be recognised not only as an efficient, well-run company but also as a trustworthy and honourable one. For example we want other companies to be able to do business with us safe in the knowledge that we are fully aware of our health, safety and environmental responsibilities, which will not be compromised in any way for commercial or financial considerations,” concludes Tom. “To this end we have been, and still are, investing heavily in the latest furnace and environmental equipment to keep Tandom at the forefront of, and up to date with all, current and foreseeable environmental legislation.

“While we are not quite there yet we are well on the way to achieving the original vision of Tandom, which is to become one of the most modern, efficient and respected recycling organisations within the UK.”

Tandom Metallurgical Group Ltd

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