Targeted Pet Treats

Enhancing the lives of pets every day

A private label manufacturer of injection molded dental hygiene dog treats and toys for pets, Targeted Pet Treats has developed a reputation for innovation and the creation of pioneering products

Founded in November 2000 as a joint venture between Ainsworth Pet Nutrition (APN) and Moldsmiths, Targeted Pet Treats (TPT) represents a perfect partnership – APN brought 67 years of passion for pet nutrition, and Moldsmiths contributed a venerable track record in excellence in injection molding.

During the first five years of its existence, TPT had no employees, sourcing all labour through Moldsmiths and being guided through the pet category with APN’s expertise. In July 2005, TPT hired its first associate, and since that time, the company has gone from strength-to-strength, evolving into a fully staffed autonomous organisation, with a team of 250 employees. Showing no signs of slowing down, TPT’s most recent investment and development programme began in 2016, when it invested $5.7 million to expand operations at its existing facility in Warren, Pennsylvania. The company created 115 new, full-time jobs while retaining its 146 existing employees state-wide. This is the latest in a long line of investments into the facility, which total over $7m in recent years.

As a result of this successful programme of development and growth, TPT is now North-Western Pennsylvania’s premier pet chew toy manufacturer, as well as an expert in the creation of injection molded ‘dental hygiene’ dog treats. Working equally with the private label and branded markets, TPT can provide a turnkey service for new and current pet brand customers, whether they are interested in producing plastic pet products such as food bowls and scoops, or pet toys to accompany their brand portfolio of treat products.

TPT’s plastic products and toys are created from nylon and thermoplastic elastomers, also known as TPEs. TPE materials are a family of polymers that combine the characteristics of rubber with the processing advantages of plastics. After injection molding, TPEs can be stretched, gnawed and bitten without permanently deforming the shape of the object. Furthermore, owners must be confident that any products they purchase for their pet to play with are safe, and therefore TPT’s pet toys and plastic products are free of PVC, latex, metals, and phthalates.

Toy + treat
The wellbeing of a pet is always the top priority for an owner, and therefore any treats they are to consume must be manufactured in a safe and responsible manner; TPT is known for its best-inclass food safety programme. Significant growth is predicted in the canine dental hygiene sector, which TPT already has as a priority. In addition, the company can create treats in a range of flavours and aromas, and almost any shape, size and appearance. Functional ingredients can also be included, such as additives for coat, joint, skin or oral care.

As part of its drive to continuously improve, TPT has expanded its portfolio. By interweaving its expertise in plastics and treat injection molding into the core business, it can now create toy and treat combinations. By making both the toys and the dental treats that fit inside them, TPT is able to help customers expand their shelf presence and establish their unique, quality-driven product lines.

What makes this particular service so valuable for customers is its total flexibility – TPT can mold to almost any shape or texture the customer can envision, and as TPT can make both the toy and the treat as a full service, turnkey partner, its services are not only convenient, but also cost-effective. Moreover, this toy + treat approach offers brands a growth opportunity, as complementary items are a great addition to a portfolio. By working with TPT, customers can offer refills for the toys and show customers more value while encouraging repurchase and brand loyalty.

Major recognition
Indeed, as a third-party manufacturer with no own-brand products, TPT is 100 per cent focused on helping customers build their own pet brands. This includes value-added services that give products a standout shelf presence including custom packaging, product inserts, shipping services, and the design and production of brand recognition items like counter displays and other promotional materials. The company also possesses certifications for all major markets across the planet, meaning that it is the ideal source for global branded projects as well.

As TPT heads closer to its 20th year in business, its success continues at pace. Major recognition for its achievements came in 2017, when it was ranked number 3420 on Inc. Magazine’s 36th annual Inc. 5000 List, the most prestigious ranking of the USA’s fastest-growing private companies. The fact that its products are manufactured in the USA is a prime value driver for customers, and has contributed to its rapidly growing turnover, which is currently growing at 90 per cent every three years. Being included on the Inc. 5000 is a great honour, and as Targeted Pet Treats’ President, Greg Austin stated at the time: “We are proud to be on the Inc. 5000 list and so pleased that our customers trust us to Build Their Brands with Excellence. Their success is our success.”