Tarus Products

Tarus Products has become a global leader in machine tools thanks to its ability to design and manufacture an array of top-quality CNC machine tools, numerical control systems (CNC) and coordinate measuring machines. Based in Sterling Heights, Mich., the Tarus Products sales and service network includes locations in Sweden, India, China, Japan and Australia. By having distributors and service centers located in Asia, Europe and Australia, Tarus can provide a high level of after-sale support to customers.

Serving a diverse group of customers, Tarus Products serves a number of industries.

The scope of industries it serves includes automotive and aerospace tooling, automotive styling and modeling, automotive quality control and deephole drilling for injection molds and heat exchangers.

The company fabricates and machines all of its major components internally, purchasing castings from local American foundries. All box ways, gear racks, gear boxes, milling heads and spindles are completely designed and built in the Tarus manufacturing facility.

As for purchased components such as bearings, rails, motors, pumps and electronics, Tarus seeks to source only the best products from renowned North American, European and Japanese suppliers. The company explains it can design entirely new machines specifically to suit the needs of its customers’ many applications. It also can modify its standard machine types to meet customer needs.

Leadership Position

The Tarus Products’ machine portfolio includes CNC milling machines, gundrill and BTA drilling machines, machines for automobile design studios, coordinate measuring machines and CNC systems.

As for its machines for the automobile design studios category, the company says it is the leader in automotive design studio clay milling machines. Its machines include the five-axis high-speed claymill, a portable five-axis claymill, the base rail MSM, the portable MSM and the Tarus studio modeling table.

The five-axis high-speed claymill is the company’s newest claymilling machine. Tarus designed and built it to be the fastest machine of its type. It can be used for milling clay and light foam automotive design studio models. Tarus says its performance exceeds all past and current specialized claymilling machines and CMM based clay milling solutions.

Then there is the portable five-axis claymill, which is a fully portable five-axis milling machine that can be used on the existing floor plates. As for the base rail MSM and portable MSM, both are CMM-based machines that are used in automobile design studios around the world.

The final piece in the company’s machines for automobile design studio portfolio is the Tarus studio modeling table. This is a small mobile machine for milling one-third-scale exterior models and full interior component models such as center consoles, instrument panels and door panels.

Many Offerings

Its CNC milling machines include the five-axis heavy gantry milling machine, the five-axis high-speed gantry mill, the style mill high-speed five-axis, the gantry tube sheet and baffle machining center and the RDUC series heavy duty vertical mill.

The five-axis heavy gantry milling machines represent the company’s heavier range of gantry machines, suitable for milling auto or aerospace tooling, large components for wind turbine or heavy industry. The machines are available in different sizes depending on the customers’ needs. They are available with or without worktables, which can be installed below floor level to provide clearance for taller workpieces if necessary.

The five-axis high-speed gantry mill is a high-speed machining center. It is suitable for semi-finish and finish milling of automotive and aerospace tooling, milling of resin models and fixtures. Its updated design uses three-inch-diameter ballscrews with ballnuts directly driven by water-cooled torque motors. It has a new fork type milling head with high-speed HSK 63 spindle for full five-axis contour milling capabilities. It is available with Tarus, Heidenhain, Siemens, Fidia or Fanuc CNC, and can be outfitted with an optional tool changer.

The style mill high-speed five-axis machine is equipped with linear motors. It can be utilized for milling hard epoxy, foam styling, data control models, composite components and aluminum tooling and fixtures. As for the gantry tube sheet and baffle machining center, its main function is drilling tube holes in tube sheets and heat exchanger baffles. Finally, the RDUC series heavy duty vertical mill can be used in applications such as mold block rough milling, stamping die machining and machining of machine components and energy production equipment components.

Tarus’ gundrill and BTA drilling machines include the five-spindle BTA deephole drilling machine for tubesheets and the compound angle deephole drilling machine. The five-spindle BTA deephole drilling machine for tubesheets is a specialized five-spindle drilling machine used to drill holes in large tubesheets for shell-and-tube heat exchangers. The compound angle deephole drilling machine combines a rotary table with integrated work-holding magnets with a tilting drill slide.

In its coordinate measuring machines category, Tarus offers the Tarus Bridge CMM.  Its applications include automotive molds and dies, aerospace tooling and components, heavy industry, energy and tube sheets.

As for available CNC systems, Tarus offers the Tarus Aldebaran CNC, as well as third-party CNC systems. The Tarus Aldebaran CNC is a newer offering from the company, and Tarus is installing this control on new machines and has retrofit packages available for Tarus CNC milling machines. In the third-party space, Tarus can offer an array of CNC systems that can be installed on new machines or installed to upgrade existing machines.

In the years ahead, Tarus Products is likely to continue to try and develop innovative, high quality CNC machine tools, numerical control systems and coordinate measuring machines. This will allow the company to maintain a leadership position as it serves many different industries.