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Diversity is the key for CPT Group

The CPT Group is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of a broad range of products and services, ranging from traditional printed materials, such as forms, labels and printed matter through to state-of-the-art IT technology applications.

Within the CPT Group there are eight companies supplying customers in a number of industries throughout Sweden and Norway.

Leif Thorwaldsson Group CEO at CPT elaborates on the company’s current operations: “There are eight main companies within the CPT Group, offering a wide range of products and services in IT, printing and logistics. The group comprises of a broad range of companies, some of who have been with us for more then 20 years, meaning that we have a great deal of experience across a wide range of areas. Our main markets are in Scandinavia, particularly Sweden, although we do have some export throughout Europe.

“One of our key strengths is that despite being a large organisation, we like to have each of the businesses within the group work separately and independently, focusing on their own core competence, in their own niche market,” he continues. “Our focus on trying to be the best within each niche area is very important to us, and we believe that giving each company independence allows them to develop in their own way.”

The various companies within CPT serve a number of customers across a wide range of industries: “I would say that most major companies in Sweden and Norway use products or services from one or more of our companies,” say Leif. “Customer co-operation is important to us, and one of the key areas that we focus on is working closely with our customers during the development process. It is essential that we remain close to them at all stages, and participate as early as possible in their internal processes.”

Leif elaborates on CPT’s IT based companies: “We have two businesses operating in the IT sector, called NT Smartwork and CPT Nordic. NT Smartwork aims to reduce a customer’s paperwork by using electronic forms linked to databases and EDI processing. CPT Nordic produces high-quality IT solutions for the public transport sector, such as ticket systems for buses, trains and undergrounds, and all of the associated products that operate these. Our operations are divided between IT and graphics, but the IT side of the business is certainly very important for our future operations.

“We have recently launched our new ticketing system for the public transport sector, which has been very successful,” Leif comments. “It is an innovative system that covers a range of products, including ID cards, transport tickets and passes, and phone cards. It has already had a large impact in the local market, and we have taken orders from customers in the UK and other parts of Europe.”

In addition to IT technology, CPT has a number of high-quality printing companies: “Our Mediaprint business, based in Sweden is concerned with the production of administrative documents and price labelling, and planning routines for logistics flows,” Leif explains. “The company manufactures and distributes costeffective administrative documentation, printed on paper or by electronic processing.”

NT Vardetryck is a leading supplier of printed security documents and materials. The company, approved by the Swedish National Print Board for its security levels, manufactures a broad range of printed security products on printing presses in an isolated production area that can only be reached by passing a number of comprehensive security checkpoints. To meet the highest possible demands for security from its customers, NT Vardetryck strictly monitors its entire process chain, from supervision and control of the printing media, through waste management and the final packaging and storage of product.

Together with its established businesses, CPT acquired a new company in 2006: “We added NRS Tryckeri to our portfolio last year,” says Leif. “It is one of Sweden’s leading printing companies, manufacturing a range of brochures, catalogues and direct marketing material.” Based on the latest in sheet-fed printing technology, NRS is focused on supplying demanding customers with high-quality print, covering the full graphical production value chain, including prepress, press, postpress, warehousing and distribution.

Leif explains that the company intends to build on its current success levels by entering new markets in the future: “We do intend to expand, the industry is becoming increasingly global so we have to look at entering new markets and areas. However, it is important to realise that you cannot enter every emerging market at once, so we are currently looking at the Eastern European sector. The decision also depends on the individual company’s strategy within the group, as they all operate in their own niche areas.”

Reflecting on this, Leif is confident that the company will continue to be successful, whilst expanding its operations: “The market is in a good position at the moment, and there are good business opportunities across Europe. The key challenge will be to continue to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, and stay a leader in this area. We will continue to focus on developing our core competencies, whilst finding new niche areas to be successful in,” he concludes.

The CPT Group
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