Construction Metal Forming facility

The first choice for cold-formed steel, Construction Metal Forming is committed to its products and people 

Specialists in the design, manufacture, and installation of steel construction products, Construction Metal Forming Ltd (CMF) is a trusted partner for cold-formed steel products. 

Whether it is for football stadiums, modular buildings or giant warehouses, CMF delivers the same quality of service across a wide spectrum of projects. Operating from its two state-of-the-art facilities in South Wales, CMF boasts convenient transport links via the M4 to London, the Midlands, North of England, and Scotland. 

The facilities have seven roll forming production lines, laser machines and multiple presses capable of folding and forming all different steel products including composite metal decking, purlins, custom formed steel sections, cladding and laser profiling. Michael Perry, Managing Director, talks us through the company’s foundation and journey.

“CMF was formed by Matthew Smith, who also owns Studwelders and Northern Steel Decking which are part of Kenai Holdings Limited. Both companies are market leaders specializing in the installation of metal decking across the UK. Before the creation of CMF in 2008, these companies would source the decking from various steel companies. This is what led Matthew to venture into manufacturing his own decking by establishing CMF. In 2016, Severfield Plc, the largest steel contracting company in the UK, bought half the business which formed a joint venture. This gave a fantastic platform for CMF to grow alongside Severfield since it secured a guaranteed market for most of CMF’s products, thus enabling it to invest in further manufacturing capabilities and production lines. 

“Within the same year of the joint venture being formed, CMF purchased a purlin line which manufactures steel sections found in the walls and roofs of warehouses. As a result, CMF expanded the product offering, capability and capacity and in 2021, began building the second production facility, a significant investment totaling over £20 million. The new facility is located ten miles away from the existing South Wales facility, allowing CMF to expand and reach the external market. Indeed, before this key development, we only really sold to our three key customers: Northern Steel Decking, Studwelders and Severfield. However, we can now offer our products to the open market, which aligns with our growth plans. Our objective is to increase our turnover from around £35 million to £80 million within the next five years,” he explains. 

With its services now made available to a broader market, CMF has established distinct selling points that set it apart from its competitors. “Whilst it is difficult to differentiate our production from other cold forming companies, we differentiate ourselves by placing a strong emphasis on quality and service. From a personal standpoint, having been in the business for 18 months, I appreciate that we have achieved a distinctive balance between being a corporate entity and an entrepreneurial organization. This means that we can make quick decisions to seize opportunities, aligned with exemplary corporate governance and support,” Michael informs. 

Another unique aspect of CMF’s business approach is its celebrated work culture. “We currently have 60 shop floor production employees, and I am proud to say that we haven’t had any resignations for ten months. This is a testament to the kind of culture we strive to foster; one in which all our employees feel cared for. 

“One of our sites operates on a four-day working week. This modern practice, coupled with my position as a relatively young managing director at the age of 38 and reiterated with our Finance Director Oliver Trevarthen who is only 32 years old, reflects the company’s forward-thinking approach. The board chose to recruit me over candidates with 20 years more experience, as they are focused on the business’ development in the long-term. Instead of favoring age and experience, they chose to hire me; someone who wouldn’t solely concentrate on the present year but would also consider CMF’s future in five-to-15 years. I am grateful for the opportunity, freedom and support the board has given me. I am also fortunate to have Michael Lawrence alongside me. He is Engineering & Projects Director and has been at CMF since incorporation,” he enthuses. 

While investing in employee well-being and satisfaction is a priority for CMF, Michael reveals that the company is also investing in its future to ensure ongoing success. “Our most recent investment in our second facility is aimed at increasing our turnover to £80 million in five years’ time. The factory features cutting-edge equipment offering a vast range of punching and forming capabilities. Furthermore, as we are the sole producers of specific products in the UK, maintaining the utmost quality is paramount to us. Therefore, we have implemented extensive automation, including automated stackers in our operations. These investments have enabled us to supply our products for the express construction of warehouses for Amazon as well as for complex projects such as 22 Bishopsgate in London,” 

By focusing on quality, service, innovation and employee satisfaction, CMF is well positioned for sustained growth in supplying steel solutions across the UK.