The Rolls-Royce that changes everything  

Rolls-Royce enters the ultra-luxury, all-electric market with Spectre, marking the start of a new era for the luxury automotive industry 

Spectre is the world’s first ultra-luxury electric super coupe, ushering in the automotive industry’s new all-electric future. It’s a Rolls-Royce first and an electric car second: there’s no compromises to interior space, comfort, performance, or ride quality.  

With a fully electric powertrain and decentralized intelligence, Spectre marks the start of a new era for super-luxury motoring is coming soon. 

In September 2021, it started testing the first ever model to be engineered as an electric car from the outset. The testing extended to more than 2.5 million kilometers, completed in every extreme terrain and temperature. It simulated over 400 years of normal use. 

Spectre was unveiled one year later, proving that EV technology can be deployed for automotive excellence, luxury, and performance. It also represents an epochal technological and intellectual shift, as Rolls-Royce vows to achieve a fully electric portfolio by 2030. 

The engineering details 

It brings the Rolls-Royce experience – instant torque, silent running, and the sense of one imperceptible gear – into an electric age. A generously proportioned, visually striking, two-door fastback, Spectre is the spiritual successor to the fabled Phantom Coupe. 

Its interior acts as a canvas for personalization, complemented by an illuminated fascia and starlight doors. While no two Spectre clients are the same, they will share an appreciation of quality materials and minimalist design.  

In a recent press release, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce, commented: “Spectre possesses all the qualities that have secured the Rolls-Royce legend. This incredible motor car, conceived from the very beginning as our first fully electric model, is silent, powerful and demonstrates how perfectly Rolls-Royce is suited to electrification. 

“Spectre’s all-electric powertrain will assure the marque’s sustained success and relevance while dramatically increasing the definition of each characteristic that makes a Rolls-Royce a Rolls-Royce,” he continues. “This is the start of a bold new chapter for our marque, our extraordinary clients, and the luxury industry. For this reason, I believe Spectre is the most perfect product that Rolls-Royce has ever produced.”