Tejas Tubular

Throughout its tenure, Tejas Tubular has been drilling into its success through a variety of internal elevations 

The newly appointed President of Tejas Tubular, Max Jnr Tejeda, is excited to lead the company into the next chapter of growth. A leader in the oil and gas sector and a customer preference for quality manufacturing, engineering, project management and service, Tejas Tubular is poised for a transformative journey under its new stewardship. Founded in 1990 by Max’s father, Maximo Tejeda Senior, the company initially carved its niche in tubing processing and coupling manufacturing. Over the decades, Tejas Tubular has evolved into a multifaceted entity, offering a comprehensive suite of products to meet the dynamic demands of its clientele. 

According to Max, he has inherited ‘a legacy steeped in excellence and innovation’ and is committed to propelling the company forwards. “I’m keen to strengthen our foundation and further solidify our position as a one-stop shop for all our customers’ needs,” he begins. 

What makes the company unique is its approach to versatility and diversification, which lies at the heart of the company’s strategy. “Our accessories facilitate crossovers, seamlessly uniting or transitioning between different components, irrespective of tube size or connection type differences, including API tubes, drill pipes, and premium tubes. We pride ourselves on versatility, catering to diverse needs. You name it, and we’ll deliver. To ensure a seamless experience, we closely collaborate with our sister companies to offer protectors and drill pipe solutions.” 

A recent addition to its product lineup, the extended reach frac-drill-out and Workstring connection, the ‘Workhorse’ TTWS, is a demonstration of Tejas Tubular’s innovation. Engineered to withstand torque-intensive operations, this product boasts a replaceable coupling to reduce maintenance costs. Moreover, the installation of a new production line has augmented its manufacturing capabilities. “To deliver the capabilities required for super laterals, torque-intensive, wear-inducing, frac-plug drill-outs, TTWS was created with a replaceable coupling that reduces maintenance costs to a mere fraction of integral joint connections. This low maintenance cost, high-torque, fast make-up, easy-stabbing, gas-tight, non-jump out connection, goes where no other has gone before,” shares Max.  

Operational efficiency 

In line with its ethos of innovation, Tejas Tubular is set to launch the RFID-tagged Workstring – a groundbreaking advancement that promises enhanced traceability and operational efficiency. Dimitris Katsareas, R&D Director, briefly outlines: “In the next step, this digital information and more specifically the wear and tear history of each individual tube, is processed in real time by an algorithm, only to assist the end-user at the rig site in deciding if this tube can safely be used in the next well or if it poses a risk to the workover operations. We call it the Workover String Management System.” 

In a competitive landscape, Tejas Tubular distinguishes itself through a focus on quality and customer-centricity. “Our products offer certainty, peace of mind, and cost savings to our customers,” Max continues to share. Furthermore, the company’s round-the-clock support ensures prompt assistance. 

The company’s recent investments in upgrading production facilities highlights its commitment to operational excellence. “In 2023, we invested over $2.5 million in our casing facility to improve two important OEE factors, availability, and productivity. The investments touched every aspect of our operations, starting with four new front-end loaders to improve shipping and receiving times, two new state of the art CNC lathes to service the semi-premium connection market, and additional investments in our heat treat line and NDT testing lines. These strategies resulted in an overall capacity increase of 28 percent.”  

Employee development 

Automation also plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, with material handling and threading operations being automated. “Looking ahead, we are currently in the design phase of an automated inspection line as well as other smaller projects aimed at improving the cost base.”

Moving away from the technical aspects of the business, Max then paints us a picture of the company culture, and how he strives to keep his team motivated. “We foster open communication and prioritize employee development. We’re encouraging innovation and creativity to flourish. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, we prioritize initiatives promoting a positive culture, ensuring our employees feel valued and supported in their professional and personal lives. 

“Moreover, we are committed to investing in comprehensive employee development programs to enhance skills and knowledge, ultimately benefiting our employees and the company. Empowering our team members to reach their full potential drives individual success and fuels our organization’s collective growth,” he emphasizes. This commitment extends beyond product innovation; it values work-life balance and empowers employees to realize their full potential.  

Engineering excellence 

Max emphasizes that safety is paramount, with comprehensive training programs and regular briefings ensuring a culture of safety permeates every aspect of operations. “We prioritize the well-being of our employees above all else. We foster a culture of safety through daily engagement initiatives and monthly briefings, ensuring that safety always remains at the forefront of our operations,” he expresses. 

Despite economic headwinds in 2024, including inventory overhang and falling steel prices, Tejas Tubular remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence. “2024 will be a tough year for the oil tubular business. There is an inventory overhang from 2023 and steel prices are falling causing additional pricing pressure on many of our products. Despite this, Tejas will continue to make strides with proprietary Workstring products and the technological advancements we are making with these products.” 

Looking towards the future, Max envisions Tejas Tubular as the undisputed leader in Workstring products, with a reputation for engineering excellence and unmatched trustworthiness. “The majority of exploration and production companies will be using our Workstring products as we continue to be the most trusted Workstring engineering and manufacturing company in the industry,” he concludes.