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An analytical approach

With over two decades of industry experience, Thyson Technology Ltd has established a reputation as a leading provider of complex analyser systems, project management, contracting and manpower services for the process industries

Based at the Thornton Industrial Estate in Cheshire, UK, Thyson Technology was founded in 1994 to provide a comprehensive range of engineering services for process industries. It services range from the design, build and commissioning of bespoke high-value analyser systems through to independent project management, contracting and specialist manpower resourcing and electrical maintenance services for water and waste treatment facilities. Today the company has amassed an impressive base of on-site experience in executing projects in the major energy-producing regions of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, Brazil and Africa.

Thyson Technology specialises in the manufacture and delivery of integrated process analytical systems, ranging from single sample conditioning systems to complete analyser houses. The company offers bespoke solutions for applications including offshore platforms, chemical plants, oil and gas transportation, refinery activities and steel works, as well as other industries requiring reliable analyser system integration. “Traditionally, Thyson Technology is a solutions provider to the utilities industry, working primarily within the oil and gas sector, where we work to provide an end-to-end solution from design and procurement to integration and then finally installation,” elaborates Managing Director Mike Braddock. “The products that we deliver are comprised of units such as analyser houses, which are typically container-sized modular housings that are delivered with a full suite of technical analyser equipment inside. Most importantly they include a conditioning system, which allows gas and liquid samples to be stored and conditioned in the right way so that the analyser can take an accurate reading of the sample.”

In recent years Thyson Technology has continued to provide trusted analytical solutions to the leading operators within the UK gas network, while expanding its presence within the emerging biogas industry. “We have recently moved into the biogas area, where we provide grid entry units that are used in applications where farmers or industry contractors have waste products that can be processed as feedstock in anaerobic digestion plants. These produce bio methane that is then cleaned up before reaching our grid entry unit. We then do the clever bit, which involves testing the gas to make sure that it is of the correct calorific value for use and if it’s not we will add propane to it as well as odorant so the gas is ready for entry into the grid via our housing and entry points,” Mike reveals. “Our main customers in that area are Qila Energy and CNG Energy Services, which are both important operators in the biogas market. We have also undertaken a lot of work for the National Grid during the past five or six years by upgrading various sites across the UK.”

By operating within a broad base of industry sectors, Thyson Technology has continued to enjoy positive growth despite the impact of the drop in oil price on oil and gas activities. By expanding into the biogas market the company has positioned itself in what is sure to become an increasingly important sector. “The gas distribution market still remains very buoyant as the main four UK gas distribution networks continue to spend in upgrading their systems and infrastructure, meaning that we still see work as a result of that. In terms of other markets, the situation is rather more mixed. There is no question that the recent fall in oil price has reduced the amount of spend that we are seeing in projects around the world and thus a reduced number of projects that we are involved in. However, the oil and gas market is not dead and has not stopped completely, our expectation is that when the oil price recovers at the back of 2016 the market should see more CAPEX begin to come through,” Mike explains. “Biogas diversification was just a natural extension of our skills, we are primarily an engineering solutions provider and our skill-sets can easily be transferred into other markets. Our experience with working with National Grid and connecting into their network for example, meant that we were well qualified to work with operators looking to connect to the national network using biogas.”

During 2016 Thyson Technologies intends to increase its annual turnover from £12 million to £15 million and further plans to reach a turnover of £20 million by 2020. As a market leader in the niche market of analytical engineering the company has recently expanded its Ellesmere Port headquarters to cope with the continued growth of the business and during the coming months and years, Thyson Technology will continue to focus of further expansion in new and exciting markets. “We maintain a high level of skills within the business of a type that are scarcely available. We maintain the skills required to operate within a niche part of the market and are able to apply this capability to a number of process industries that require a measurement solution,” Mike concludes. “The next 12 months will be focused on continuing to grow in the biogas market as this is a very dynamic and fast-moving sector at the moment. We will also continue to strengthen our position within the gas network while increasing our footprint within the oil and gas industry globally. We currently have the largest order book in our history as well as the strongest pipeline of potential orders that we have ever had; this is an incredibly positive period of growth for the business.”

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