Truly tiny tech

It recently produced a reproduction of a DNA helix that has astounded professionals from across industry, and which exemplifies the compelling nature of the Tera 250 for producing parts of mind-boggling size while achieving extremely exacting tolerances.

The DNA helix measures just 925 microns in length, and includes tiny features which would be either impossible to manufacture via micro molding, or would require the manufacture of hugely expensive micro tools.

And this is where Nanofabrica’s Micro AM technology finds its niche. Through the use of the Tera 250, companies requiring miniature plastic parts and components can now efficiently, and cost-effectively shift to AM from conventional manufacturing processes. OEMs can therefore benefit from the inherent advantages that AM offers in terms of promoting part complexity with no increase in cost, eliminating the needs for expensive tooling, reducing part counts and the need for assembly, speeding product development time, easy revision of part design, mass customization, reduction in waste, and reduction in energy costs.