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WaldrichSiegen is a world leading supplier of heavy-duty machine tools

Founded by Heinrich Adolf Waldrich in 1840, WaldrichSiegen Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH witnessed steady growth as it began producing pumps, exhausters for blast furnaces and belt pulleys. In 1897, Heinrich’s son designed and produced the first roll turning machines; an innovative milestone for the company that resulted in a commitment to continuous expansion of products and services that is still maintained today, as Dr. Stephan Witt, managing director at WaldrichSiegen, begins: “WaldrichSiegen is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty machine tools in the fields of grinding, texturing, milling, vertical and horizontal turning. Customers all over the world focus on WaldrichSiegen in all areas that require precision and performance as decisive criteria in machining of sophisticated products. The products are for example used for machining rolls and work pieces, heavy marine diesel engines, crankshafts and turbine rotors.

“WaldrichSiegen designs and produces machine tools tailor-made for the individual application. The machines do not only provide utmost precision and performance, but are carefully developed to ensure the perfect machine tool for the customers’ work piece is created. That comprises the development of the machining strategy including tool concept and the simulation of machining processes. The extensive consultation of the customer is the main characteristic of WaldrichSiegen.” With a strong customer base in place, WaldrichSiegen uses its long-term experience to manufacture machine tools that ensure optimum precision and efficiency.

In 2004 WaldrichSiegen was acquired by the HerkulesGroup, a development that resulted in new innovations such as ProfiMill, the company’s portal milling machine series. On top of product development, becoming part of HerkulesGroup has enabled the company to profit from existing synergies within the group, as Stephan discusses: “The HerkulesGroup has sales and service units all over the world, for example in India, China and the USA. WaldrichSiegen customers profit from immediate service and local contact persons. In addition to that, the product portfolio of the companies in the group is complementary. Thus, the group offers a wide range of products to the customer. Together with our sister company, UnionChemnitz, we can supply our customers with boring mills and portal mills from one source – the customers profits from the vast know-how within the group.”

Celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2015, the global leader in large machine tools manufacture began its anniversary year with a milling technology seminar for customers in March. During this seminar, Stephan notes that WaldrichSiegen took the opportunity to discuss the development of ProfiMill: “Eighty customers from all over Europe came to Burbach/North Rhine Westphalia, to learn about the latest innovations in milling technology. One part of the seminar consisted of lectures introducing the product portfolio and the milling machine series ProfiMill. The second half of the seminar was practically oriented. During live demonstrations on a ProfiMill, the guests could witness the wide scope of precise and efficient machining options. Discussing with the WaldrichSiegen experts, they learned to optimally apply the ProfiMill technology in their own companies.”

By working consistently towards a maximum standardisation of all major machine components throughout the development of the ProfiMill concept, WaldrichSiegen has created the optimal solution for the economic machining of complex large work pieces. Available in either table or gantry design, all ProfiMill major machine components are made of high quality cast iron and manufactured in-house to ensure optimum precision and quality. Keen to meet the evolving demands of its customers, Stephan notes that WaldrichSiegen has introduced two smaller machine types to the market: “This means WaldrichSiegen now also offers customers with smaller work pieces the opportunity to machine their work pieces with WaldrichSiegen technology. The new machines have all the well proven characteristics of the larger ProfiMill machines. They provide utmost precision, performance and efficiency.”

Moreover, through easy maintenance and service, in addition to energy efficiency, the life cycle costs have been minimised and economic viability of the ProfiMill machines have seen a significant increase; these beneficial features are a core part of the dynamic firm’s commitment to delivering the best possible solutions. “The design of our machines is characterised as being maintenance and service friendly as well as highly energy efficient,” says Stephan. To maintain a competitive edge in technological innovation, sustainability and responsibility, WaldrichSiegen is part of the initiative ‘Blue competence’ by the VDMA, a German Engineering Federation that focuses on developing sustainable solutions for the economy, ecology and society.

Another notable product for the company is ProfiTurn V, which set new standards in the machine tool industry when it was introduced to the market in 2013. “The ProfiTurn V provides significantly more performance and precision than all other known machine concepts. It integrates different operations for the machining of complex, large work pieces with the highest precision and excels in obtaining high availability and energy efficiency. Workpieces with weights of up to 500t and diameters of 12,000 mm can be machined with the ProfiTurn V,” highlights Stephan.

Benefiting from 175 years of experience in manufacturing machine tools, the future looks positive for WaldrichSiegen and it continues to transfer well-proven solutions and technological expertise into the development of new machine concepts.

WaldrichSiegen Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Products: Leading manufacturer of heavy-duty machine tools
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