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Taking total responsibility

By being able to adapt its production capabilities to individual requirements and external demands, Wenmec has proven itself to be proficient in consistently exceeding its customer’s expectations

Through both recessions and times of economic prosperity, the manufacturing industry has acted as Sweden’s growth engine, constituting a major part of its GDP and playing a decisive role in the country’s development, employment and export market. Offering great opportunities for cost efficient and advanced manufacturing operations for an international audience, it is little surprise that some of the world’s leading companies began life in Sweden, before going on to become global brands.

In the last several decades, the country has admirably upheld its reputation for manufacturing excellence, thanks in par t to the success of its native businesses. An ideal example of this success can be found in the activities of Wenmec. A well-established engineering company, celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2018, Wenmec came about following the merging of CJ Wennberg and Kils Industri AB in 1983. Owned by Vänern Handel and Industri AB since 2007, the company today manufactures components, products and complete systems from its two production facilities, one located in Kil, South Värmland and the second in Nanjing, China.

“Over the course of the last few years we have seen our efforts rewarded with solid year-on-year growth, which is a trend we expect to continue during 2018,” explains Wenmec’s Chief Executive Officer, Henrik Toernkvist. “The customers that we have long standing relationships with have been increasing their own volumes of work, which in turn increases demand for our services. At the same time, we have worked hard to successfully bring in new business and partnerships.”

From its extensive machine park, Wenmec cultivates specialist expertise in key areas such as machining, welding and assembly. As a leading systems supplier, it also takes responsibility for tasks including, purchasing, material flow, logistics, and delivery planning and prognoses. “The key to our success has been our ability to combine a well-developed purchasing strategy with our key skills in machining, welding and assembly,” Henrik continues. “The relationships we have with our suppliers, who are the best in their respective fields, are vital to the way we operate and allow us to keep high stock levels on site, while our expertise when it comes to complex product assemblies allows us to meet the specifications and expectations of our customers.”

Flexibility is key to Wenmec and its customer’s respective success. In the case of the former, it is this quality that allows it to adapt quickly to the wishes of its customers and take fast, effective control over the entire production process, culminating in the timely and safe delivery of finished products. Over the years these products have ended up being put to use on a number of different types of project, from bombing chambers and propeller/ turbine shafts, to offshore and hydraulic components. Today, however its biggest market is the mining industry. “The customers we supply assembled products to are based in countries such as Sweden, India and China, while the machines that they go on to produce are dispatched all over the world. This makes what we do a crucial part of the manufacturing process, helping to get mining equipment to its required destination,” Henrik states.

Within the confines of its manufacturing and production facilities is an enviable collection of modern machinery. This includes a number of boring machines, a range of different machines for milling, carousel lathes capable of processing large work pieces, and five advanced welding robots. The majority of this equipment is CNC controlled or curve line controlled.

“In 2017, we took the decision to make several important investments when it comes to our machinery and infrastructure,” Henrik reveals. “This included the purchase of our newest welding robot, which comes complete with a built-in camera that is used to follow the welding track. We have also bought a large, 5-axis milling machine, which is capable of taking on a 25-tonne workpiece on its table. This is a very robust piece of equipment, which we began using in December 2017 and has already helped increase our in-house capabilities substantially.”

This year, 2018, not only marks the 35th birthday of the company, but it also kick-star ts an ambitious five-year growth plan, which Henrik and the rest of Wenmec’s management team hopes will take it to the next level. “From a manufacturing perspective, this plan involves the acquisition of additional welding robots and other machinery that will further enhance our capabilities,” he says. “Meanwhile, we are also excited about the future possibilities that are offered by our Chinese subsidiary, which is now showing strong signs of progress having been inaugurated in 2012.

“We also want to enhance the working lives of our employees. We aim to do this by not only improving the environment in which they operate, but also be investing fur ther in their individual development through education and training programmes. This will also assist us in developing the next wave of workers and safeguarding the future of our business.”

Wenmec AB
Services: Component and system welding, machining and assembly